Finding a good recipe is a little like discovering a hidden treasure - when the right ingredients come together in a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner recipe, you want to hold on to the magic. Cooking, after all, is a skill most of us use every day, and the value of a quick and easy recipe that tastes good can't be overstated. When you're looking for a recipe -- regardless of cuisine -- take the time to read the ingredients and techniques thoroughly, so you know what you're getting into before you fire up the stove. A good recipe won't just deliver a delicious dish; it will give you a mini lesson about how to cook. As you begin to collect good recipes, your options for weekly menus will increase. Whether you're looking for a healthy fruit smoothies or crisp, golden brown fried chicken, has the recipe you're looking for. Keep the best of them and build a collection -- soon you'll find yourself with an tasty arsenal of meals that make your entire family happy


Avocado is a surprisingly versatile fruit. You'll find out for yourself when trying recipes such as Greek Quinoa and Avocados, Shrimp Avocado Hoakies, Chicken with Lime and Avocado Salsa, or Avocado with Prosciutto.


You don't have to belong to the bacon-of-the-month club to love bacon. Whether used in salads, on top of pasta, or in quiche, you can pan fry or microwave bacon for perfect results every time.


Wondering what kind of birthday recipes to make for an office party or for the kids? From chocolate birthday cake to fun little nibbles to special occasion treats, these easy birthday recipes adapt to just about any event.

Breakfast and Brunch

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and brunch is one of life's greatest pleasures. Take full advantage with scads of great eye-opening breakfast and brunch recipes, from casseroles to breads, pastries to pancakes.

Chicken Casseroles

Chicken leftovers, front and center! Use leftover chicken or cook up some fresh to make these popular chicken casseroles, including creamy chicken, King chicken, and fiesta chicken and rice.

Chocolate Desserts

For some people dessert without chocolate just isn't dessert. Chocolate lovers take solace that we have hundreds of recipes starring your favorite ingredient.


Whether you're hosting an office party or friendly gathering, mixed cocktails are a must. Get the party started with these easy mixed cocktail recipes, including peach bellinis, cucumber mojitos, and gin and tonic.


For a sweet finale to any meal, desserts like pies, cakes, and cookies are always good. But check out our extensive desserts collection for easy recipe ideas that run the gamut from Italian tiramisu to French cream puffs to Mexican chocolate pudding.

Dips and Spreads

Try our dips and spreads for Thanksgiving appetizers your guests will love to snack on. From cream cheese, vegetable, crab, and sour cream dips to cheesy spreads, bruschettas, and more, our appetizer recipes will give you plenty of Thanksgiving choices.


Eggs form the cornerstone of any morning meal, from quick breakfasts to lazy brunches. A healthy, low-fat protein, eggs can be turned into anything, from frittatas to souffles, Benedicts to Florentines at your next breakfast or brunch.

Gluten Free

If you have a gluten allergy, these healthy, gluten-free recipes are for you. From bagels and bread to cakes and tortillas, we offer delicious, gluten-free and healthy options that everyone will enjoy.

Green Salad

Bagged or fresh, a mixed green salad takes little time to make. These easy recipes for mixed green salad with herb vinaigrette or creamy ranch dressing are easy sides for any dish.

Ground Beef

With a little ground beef, a quick meal is only minutes away. Whip up these tried-and-true recipes of ground beef chili, ground beef casserole, and ground beef rice that pinch pennies but indulge in flavor.

Healthy Snacks

Whether you're searching for a healthy after-school snack, a holiday treat, or just some fun-to-eat munchies, we have the perfect recipe. Search our snack recipes for dozens of healthy, crowd-pleasing snacks.

Ice Cream

Homemade ice cream is special, as is hanging out with friends and family while making it. Choose an ice-cream recipe here and then settle in for a lazy afternoon with friends and family.

Low Calorie

Low-calorie doesn't have to mean low-flavor. From soup and starters to drinks and desserts, our healthy, low-calorie recipes serve up a whole lot of great taste.

Low Carb

These days, everyone's watching carbs and looking for healthy options. Our healthy, low-carb recipes offer lots of variety, from pork chops and stir-fry to low-carb pizzas, pastas, and much more.

Low Fat

If you're watching your weight, you know you have to watch the fat in your diet. Try our healthy recipes for tasty low-fat dishes, from turkey and chicken dinners to low-fat smoothies, snacks, desserts, and more.

Lunch Sandwiches

When you think of lunch, you think of sandwiches. Whether you're cooking for yourself or a crowd, our creative sandwich recipes can make every lunchtime special.


Start your day in a perfect way with the perfect breakfast muffin. From blueberry to pumpkin to banana walnut, these muffin recipes are delicious wake-up calls and easy ways to express your baking talents.

No Bake

Sometimes you just don't want (or don't have time) to turn on the oven. No-bake recipes for favorites like cookies and cheesecake make preparation a breeze; it's about pulling everything together and getting the no-bake creation to table.


Is there anything better than pancakes for breakfast or brunch? We think not, and homemade variations on the all-American classic pancake are fun, delicious, and worth flipping for at your next breakfast or brunch.


Potatoes are an American staple, served as sides and main dishes and as soups and appetizers. From au gratin potatoes to tater tots, you'll find potato recipes that you'll enjoy time and time again.

Quick and Easy Dinners

Quick and easy dinners take the stress off of your typically busy day. Browse our hundreds of ideas for quick and easy dinners, from chicken and beef to vegetarian meals, that you can have to table in a half-hour.


Wild or farm-raised, salmon is a heart-healthy meal. From blackened to grilled to poached variations, salmon ranks among favorite seafood recipes -- no matter how you cook it.


Add these seasonal recipes to your own collection. From springtime favorites to summer grilling and holiday all-stars, our recipes help you celebrate seasonal flavors at their best.


Smoothies have grown up from grab and go to bonafide breakfast or brunch beverages. Cool, beautiful smoothies are a superhealthy alternative to breakfast or brunch cocktails.


Creamy or brothy, soup is always a safe, delicious choice. Just toss in chicken, potato, vegetables, or pumpkin and let the flavors seep and simmer. These easy soup recipes are too good to wait for a cold or rainy day -- serve them year-round in any weather.


Whether it's whole, breasts, or drumsticks, and your preferred cooking method is roasted, grilled, or deep-fried, we have a turkey recipe that fits all tastes and preferences. Give one (or several) of these tasty turkey recipes a try.


Anyone can follow these easy vegetarian recipes for a healthy weeknight meal. From shepherd's pie to cheesy lasagna, your family will come back to these vegetarian recipes again and again.

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