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Best Soup and Stew Recipes

Just toss in chicken, potatoes, vegetables, or pumpkin and let the flavors of these soups and stews seep and simmer. Our easy soup and stew recipes are too good to wait for a cold or rainy day -- serve them year-round in any weather.
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Delicious Soup Recipes


More Soup and Stew Ideas

These easy soup recipes are too good to wait for a cold or rainy day -- serve them year-round in any weather. Whether beef stew or creamy potato soup, we've got the recipes your family is sure to love.
  Chili Recipes   Squash Soup  
Celebrate the bean with chili con carne, chipotle chicken, or vegetarian black bean variations. Whether curried, roasted, or laced with apple, these easy recipes for squash soup celebrate global flavors.
  Chicken Soup Recipes   Beef Stew Recipes  
From chicken noodle to cream of chicken to chicken soup with rice, these easy recipes come together quickly. From easy beef stew to vegetable beef stew, these easy recipes offer no-fuss versions of a warming comfort food.
  Potato Soup Recipes   Bean Soup Recipes  
Budget-friendly potato soup is an all-American choice for a quick and easy supper. Experiment with different colors and kinds to find your favorite blend of bean soup recipes.
  Tortilla Soup Recipes   Vegetable Soup Recipes  
Gather the gang for a hearty bowl of spicy, flavorful tortilla soup. While the ingredients vary widely, homemade vegetable soup is as easy as it is flavorful.
  Crockpot Stew   Tomato Soup  
Fixing beef stew crockpot-style is a no-brainer. With a little planning you can have dinner in no time. Serve any of these kid and adult friendly recipes with a classic grilled cheese sandwich.

Our Favorite Soup and Stew Recipes

Check out our favorite soup and stew recipes. These easy recipes for soups and stews are perfect for lunch or dinner. Experiment with different colors and kinds to find your favorite.
  Chicken Noodle & Vegetable Soup   Vegetable Minestrone Soup  
Only five pantry ingredients simmering with chicken broth creates this comforting and easy-to-make soup. Loaded with vegetables, this comforting and delicious minestrone is ready in only 40 minutes.
  Tex-Mex Beef Stew   Curried Sweet Potato Chowder  
Ancho chili powder provides the Southwest heat in this hearty stew. Curry powder and sweet potatoes gives a fresh twist to traditional potato soup.
  Irish Lamb Stew   Beef and Barley Stew  
In traditional fashion, nothing here is browned first, just all stewed together. This healthy beef stew is brimming with colorful, nutritious vegetables and makes a cozy, comforting dish.

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