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Slow Cooker Recipes

With just a little planning, you can have dinner in the slow cooker, plugged in, and slowly cooking into tender goodness in no time at all. Try our slow cooker recipe collection - with pork, beef, vegetables and rice dishes you'll enjoy.
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Delicious Slow Cooker and Casserole Recipes

These slow cooker recipes are too good to wait for a cold or rainy day -- serve them year-round in any weather. Wheather beef slow cooker stew or creamy potato soup, we've got the recipes your family is sure to love.
  Slow Cooker Pot Roast Recipes   Chicken Casserole  
The aroma of pot roast cooking in the slow cooker is almost as wonderful as the first tender taste. These easy chicken casserole recipes include chicken-and-rice casserole and chicken-noodle casserole.
  Casserole Recipes   Tuna Casserole Recipes  
From Mexican to hamburger to breakfast casseroles, these easy casserole recipes are a snap to prepare. From the ever-popular tuna noodle to parmesan tuna, these easy recipes for tuna casserole are fast and fun.
  Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes   Slow Cooker Beef Recipes  
Using one of the easiest cooking strategies, slow cooker chicken is as versatile as it is tender. From beef stew to roast beef, these easy recipes for slow cooker beef simmer slowly but disappear fast.
  Slow Cooker Pork Recipes   Slow Cooker Stew Recipes  
Cooked slow and low, our slow cooker pork recipes deliver tender, juicy pork every time. Create a delicious stew recipe in your slow cooker with our yummy recipe collection.

Our Favorite Slow Cooker Recipes

Check out our favorite slow cooker recipes for dinner tonight. You're sure to find something the entire family will enjoy.
  Braised Lamb with Dill Sauce   Orange-Spiced Corned Beef with Dried Fruit  
Enjoy a slow cooker dinner of tender lamb, tiny new potatoes, and colorful carrots all draped in a dill sauce. Mixed dried fruit, orange juice, and spices dress up plain-Jane corned beef with new flavor in this main-dish recipe.
  Slow Cooker Cranberry Chicken   Shredded Slow Cooker Pork Tacos  
Cranberry sauce combined with tapioca and onion soup simmers to perfection in this main dish recipe. Start off with slow cooker pork and vegetables, and finish up with a topping of sour cream for a fast and easy meal.

More Slow Cooker Recipes