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Potato Soup Recipes

Budget-friendly potato soup is an all-American choice for a quick and easy supper. From leek potato soup to baked potato soup to creamy cheesy versions, this top rated potato soup recipe collection is sure to please.
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Delicious Soup Recipes


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Our Favorite Potato Soup Recipes

Check out our favorite potato soup recipes. These easy recipes for potato soup are perfect for every meal. Experiment with different types and kinds to find your favorite.
  Leek, Bacon & Potato Soup   Smashed Potato Soup  
With their mild onion flavor, leeks are a delicious addition to this potato soup recipe. Potatoes blend with cheddar cheese, cream, and roasted garlic in this chunky good-to-the-last-spoonful slow cooker soup.
  Spicy Pork and Potato Stew   Creamy Irish Potato Soup  
Poblano peppers are long, deep-green peppers and add a delicious flavor to this potato stew. This rich and creamy potato soup is subtly flavored with celery and green onions.

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