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Chocolate Recipes

For some people, dessert without chocolate just isn't dessert. Chocolate lovers take solace that we have hundreds of yummy chocolate recipes starring your favorite ingredient.
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Chocolate Recipes and More Dessert Ideas

Our favorite chocolate recipes are gathered together with our delicious dessert ideas.
  Chocolate Cake Recipes   Chocolate Pie Recipes  
One of America's most popular desserts is chocolate cake, but there are many variations of this favorite. As with many things chocolate, typically there are many variations, and Chocolate pie is no exception.
  Chocolate Cookie Recipes   Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes  
The fact that there are so many recipes for chocolate cookies is a testament to the fact that they taste so great. Whether it's traditional or a recipe that contains cherries, your family will love these chocolate chip cookies.
  Cake Recipe Ideas   Favorite Pie Recipes  
Whether a birthday, wedding, or another special event, you can find a cake recipe worthy of the celebration. Pie is a classic dessert loved by young, old, and everyone in between.
  Brownie Recipes   Cupcake Recipes  
Brownies offer you so many options - you can make up a batch every week and still have something different each time. Cupcakes are great for almost any occasion, but it seems that kids especially love them.

Our Favorite Chocolate Recipes

Check out our favorite chocolate recipes for dinner tonight. You're sure to find something the entire family will enjoy.
  Chocolate Pirouette-Crusted Cake   Bittersweet Chocolate Bark  
Dressed up to wow any crowd, a fudge layer cake is garnished with rolled wafer cookies for an easy dessert. If you prefer, substitute crushed toffee for the cinnamon candies in this delicious treat.
  Double Dark Chocolate Cookies   Chocolate Blooms  
You don't even need to tell your kids the healthful benefits of dark chocolate and whole wheat that are in this cookie recipe. These decadent chocolate cookies with a ganache center are showstopping treats for any occasion.

More Chocolate Ideas