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Best Chili Recipes

These easy recipes take chili in multiple flavor directions. Celebrate the autumn season with this delicious chili recipe collection. Our recipes are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.
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Delicious Soup Recipes


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These easy soup recipes are too good to wait for a cold or rainy day -- serve them year-round in any weather. Wheather bean soup or creamy potato soup, we've got the recipes your family is sure to love.
  Bean Soup Recipes   Soup and Stew Recipes  
Whether black bean, white bean, or ham bean soup, these easy recipes for bean soup are perfect starters. Just toss in chicken, potatoes, vegetables, or beans and let the flavors seep and simmer.
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From chicken noodle to cream of chicken to chicken soup with rice, these easy recipes come together quickly. From easy beef stew to vegetable beef stew, these easy recipes offer no-fuss versions of a warming comfort food.
  Crockpot Stew   Squash Soup  
Fixing beef stew crockpot-style is a no-brainer. With a little planning you can have dinner in no time. Whether curried, roasted, or laced with apple, these easy recipes for squash soup celebrate global flavors.

Our Favorite Chili Recipes

Check out our favorite chili recipes. These easy recipes take chili in multiple flavor directions. Celebrate the bean with chili con carne, chipotle chicken, or vegetarian black bean variations.
  Winter Woods Chili   Black and White Bean Chili  
Satisfy your family with this hearty chili that includes bacon and beef. Choose a robust dark beer for this vegetarian chili recipe. Tweak spiciness with the number of fresh jalapeno chiles you use.
  White Chili   Chunky Vegetable Chili  
For a twist on traditional chili, try this healthy and satisfying recipe full of beans and pork. Once you cut up the vegetables for this meatless chili, your slow cooker will do the rest of the work.

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