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Chicken Salad Recipes

If your summer days are filled with activities, add our flavorful chicken salad recipes to your menu plan. We've got our best chicken salad sandwiches, pasta salads, chicken with crisp greens and more in this delicious chicken salad recipe collection.
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Chicken Recipes


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Our Favorite Chicken Salad Recipes

Check out our favorite chicken salad recipes for dinner tonight. You're sure to find something the entire family will enjoy.
  Pulled Chicken-Peanut Salad   Five-Spice Chicken and Orange Salad  
With fewer than 200 calories per serving, t his chicken salad recipe is hearty and flavorful. A multipl-flavored seasoning, tossed with orange juice and chicken makes a terrific salad with a complex, layered taste that belies the simple recipe.
  Low-fat Chicken Salad Sandwiches   Crispy Chopped Chicken Salad  
Need a brown-bag lunch idea that you can feel good about? Try these flavorful chicken salad sandwiches. Loaded with chicken, prosciutto, and vegetables, then tossed in a lemon dressing, this salad recipe is filling enough to be served as a main dish.

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