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Casserole Recipes

A budget-friendly way to feed the masses, casseroles recipes are a mega-mealtime staple. From cheesy to chicken, these casserole recipes are a snap to prepare and delicious to eat.
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Casserole Recipe Ideas


Delicious Casseroles and Side Dishes

Make these hearty dinners ahead of time for a quick and easy weeknight meal, or serve one as part of your Sunday supper tradition with friends and family. From classic casseroles to grean bean casserole, we've got the casseroles and sides you'll want.
  Chicken Pot Pie Recipes   Tuna Casserole Recipes  
These easy chicken pot pie recipes use rotisserie chicken and frozen vegetables to save time. From the ever-popular tuna noodle to parmesan tuna, these easy recipes for tuna casserole are fast and fun.
  Hashbrown Potato Recipes   Best Vegetable Recipes  
Hash brown potatoes are typically served as a breakfast side dish, but they're also loved in cheesy casseroles. Bring farm-fresh flavors from the farm to the table with these quick and easy vegetable recipes.
  Broccoli Casserole Recipes   Chicken Casserole Recipes  
From cheddar cheese to wild rice broccoli casserole, these easy recipes for broccoli casseroles are sure to please. Use leftover chicken or cook up some fresh to make these popular chicken casseroles.
  Grean Bean Casserole   Chicken & Rice Recipes  
Whether using fresh or fried green beans, these easy green bean casserole recipes are delicious. Escape from your culinary doldrums with these easy chicken rice casserole recipes.

Our Favorite Casserole Recipes

Check out our favorite casserole recipes for dinner tonight. You're sure to find something the entire family will enjoy.
  Classic Green Bean Casserole   Loaded Baked Potato Casserole  
What makes our green bean casserole so good? A secret ingredient - cream of mushroom soup. Enjoy all the flavors of a baked potato in this delicious casserole.
  Monterey Chicken Tortilla Chicken   Corn and Broccoli Casserole  
An easy version of a south-of-the-border classic "chilaquiles". The colorful duo of frozen corn and broccoli makes an easy-to-prepare casserole.

More Casserole Ideas