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Great Appetizer Recipes

We've got the best appetizer recipes you're sure to enjoy. From hot melted cheese to easy holiday appetizers, we've got appetizer recipes that are sure to please every party-goer.
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More Great Recipe Ideas

From holiday dinner party to weeknight family meals, we've got the best appetizer, main dish, and dessert recipes for you to enjoy.
  Easy Appetizer Recipes   Find Delicious Dips and Spreads  
These quick and easy appetizer recipes will get you ready for guests with less stress. Tell us what you prefer: cold or hot dips and appetizers, sweet or savory, quick and easy, and you'll get a selection of recipes that best meet your needs.
  Beef Recipe Ideas   Chicken Recipe Ideas  
Cook beef for dinner tonight. Your family will welcome a break from the pace to enjoy a hearty, hot-cooked meal of pot roast, hamburgers, or tacos. From fried chicken to satay to one-dish casseroles, these easy chicken recipes gather family around the table, even on scattered days.
  Pork Recipe Ideas   Easy Dessert Recipes  
Now considered a leaner meat, pork is a healthy meal choice. These easy pork recipes include all your favorite cuts but keep preparation simple. With these no-stress, quick and easy desserts, you can pull together quick and easy cakes, cheesecakes, cookies, and strawberry desserts in no time at all.

Our Favorite Appetizer Recipes

Check out our favorite appetizer recipes for your next holiday gathering. You're sure to find something for everyone to enjoy.
  Hot Artichoke and Asiago Cheese Dip   Crimson-Glazed Ham Balls and Smokies  
Set out this hot artichoke and mushroom appetizer dip while entertaining holiday guests. Cocktail meatballs and weenies are made with this recipe that has a zesty spark of cranberry in the sauce.
  Double-Quick Shrimp Cocktail   Smoked Mozzarella Cheese Spread  
It's easier than it looks to present this delicious shrimp appetizer. This colorful spread has a distinctive smoky flavor from the mozzarella cheese.

More Appetizer Ideas