Holiday Baking

Let's face it: Baking is, hands down, the most delicious way to get into the holiday spirit. Come November and December, people who don't even think about baking 10 months out of the year are suddenly pulling out cookie sheets, pie plates, and bundt pans and hunting through cookbooks and recipe boxes. And where there's baking, there are Diamond nuts. Since 1912, Diamond's goal has been to help home cooks make delicious and memorable meals, and they know that flavorful, fresh nuts can mean the difference between ho-hum recipes and "oh-how-did-you-make-this!" dishes. So start chopping those pecans, walnuts, almonds, and let the flour and sugar fly-it's the start of something wonderful!

holiday baking articles

turn that panettone into christmas dessert: easy trifle recipe
My family is the kind that winds up with 2-3 boxes of panettone over the holidays. In addition to that, my mom has started making it herself, which in my opinion just adds to the festivities. But with all of that sweet, dense, eggy bread comes a need to know what to do with it... read more

make candy, make sweet christmas gifts
I'm a big fan of food gifts. especially when they involve candy or preserves. This year I only bought one single solitary gift - the rest of our giftables were made months ago when we had summer produce galore (I'm not sharing any more details, lest I give away the scoop on everyone's holiday gifts) more

7 great christmas breads: loaves of love
Freshly baked bread is welcome no matter what time of year it is (who can resist that aroma?), but around the holidays, bread takes on special meaning. Whether you're hosting a casual afternoon coffee or a grand dinner, homemade Christmas bread can elevate the more

8 dramatic christmas cakes to wow your holiday guests
Why not dazzle your holiday guests this year with a dramatic (and delicious) Christmas cake? After all, the holidays are a time to splurge - fueled by your holiday cheer (not to mention all those peppy Christmas tunes), what other time of year are you going to have the urge to tackle a towering spice cake recipe, or to transform ordinary Tootsie Rolls into chocolate "ribbons" to decorate a pile of pretty, sweet present-shaped cakes? (Plus, it'd be pretty weird to serve up a traditional yule log in June.) more

christmas cookies: delights by the dozens
It's just not Christmas without a tray of holiday cookies. This time of year, everyone's got a favorite, whether it's a classic sugar cookie or playful gingerbread men. And nothing makes for great childhood memories like those December afternoons spent in the kitchen, surreptitiously sneaking a taste of sugary glaze and surrounded by the warm sweet smells coming from the oven... read more

top ten christmas cakes
While Christmas cookies are always welcome, there's something special about presenting a beautiful Christmas cake at the parties and dinners that abound this time of year. Whether it's simple or over the top, cake is a lovely centerpiece for any holiday more

8 delectable christmas desserts
The holidays are a golden ticket to indulge a little, so don't waste your Christmas dessert hour on ho-hum more

creative christmas: homemade gifts from your kitchen
We all know the jokes about the Christmas fruitcake that comes in the mail and ends up as a door stopper. Sadly, that mythical fruitcake (like something out of National Lampoon's version of Christmas) seems to have tarnished what is an otherwise sweet and thoughtful Christmas gift idea: homemade gifts right from your kitchen... read more

christmas candy for every sweet tooth
Pretty shards of chocolate bark sprinkled with peppermints; rich dark-chocolate fudge; candy canes poking out the top of gaily decorated Christmas stockings; or little packets of truffles all tied up with a more

sparkle on the side: side dish recipes for christmas dinner
Christmas is delightful for all kinds of reasons—glittering decorations, time with loved ones, the gifts (!)—but for many of us, the best part of the season is the more

holiday baking how-tos

how to make pecan pie
Pecan pie is beloved nationwide, but it's especially revered in the South, where it seems that pecans fall from the trees like little gifts from the heavens. Native Americans had long known the pleasures of the nut they named "pacane" (translation: "nut to be cracked with a rock"), but it was French immigrants who turned the nuts into one of America's most loved more

how to make chocolate chip cookies
While necessity may be the mother of invention, some of life's best treats were stumbled upon quite by accident. Such is the case with chocolate chip cookies--indescribably delectable treats that have been a mainstay in baking for more

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