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aannafred wrote:

if this has ended WHY IS IT STILL ON YOUR SITE?????

4/7/2013 11:59:42 AM Report Abuse
noahs_mom2011 wrote:

i want to just say "to whom wins this contest i only pray that you will think of someone less fortunate on food and that you will lend them a and"-UP God Bless

12/31/2012 08:13:31 PM Report Abuse
patten.carroll wrote:

Irealy need to win this.IT would help me and my Grand kids.

12/31/2012 06:10:35 PM Report Abuse
amy63096 wrote:

I too am on food stamps and have no place to live or a job. Not for the lack of trying. Sweepstakes are time consuming to say the least, and there are millions of people entering. what are the odds

12/31/2012 05:05:26 PM Report Abuse
laurienemeth wrote:

This would be just wonderful ... thank you so much

12/31/2012 02:38:40 PM Report Abuse
ckcrow1 wrote:

happy new year. would love to start this year out not worrying about food. thanks for the opportunity

12/30/2012 06:41:35 PM Report Abuse
fdurham_99 wrote:

Winning some free groceries would be great as a gift for the holidays

12/30/2012 01:43:49 PM Report Abuse
taxladyea1 wrote:

I draw SS and it is pretty hard to eat after I pay for the oil heat !! plus now 8 inches of snow !!

12/30/2012 07:34:07 AM Report Abuse
khamlett wrote:

I have 2 teenagers ..enough said. Happy New Year to all

12/28/2012 08:19:56 PM Report Abuse
badgettlena wrote:

I know everyone cant win but it would be nice to have a panty full i feed two men llb

12/28/2012 07:51:11 PM Report Abuse
cathy-cory wrote:

of course id love to win, every one here wants that, i wish them luck as well as my self , things are hard, yes,, but thro hard ship comes streghth, god bless you all, sad to see so many hurting

12/28/2012 12:53:02 PM Report Abuse
Catine wrote:

Peace on EARTH, Good Will to men, women, especaily children and all living things.

12/28/2012 09:49:09 AM Report Abuse
lcfederico wrote:

Merry Christmas to all

12/25/2012 08:53:04 AM Report Abuse
grandmasfive wrote:

We are supporting our 30 year old disabled son, who has been turned down for disability twice, now. The groceries sure would help us out, lots. Thank you, so much

12/23/2012 06:40:17 PM Report Abuse
daveoma1 wrote:

merry christmas and a very happy, healthy new year to all mankind

12/23/2012 05:56:29 PM Report Abuse
hogwoodt wrote:

Everyone is having a tough time, my family included, so I won't bore everyone with the details. I would be very grateful, and feel very blessed to win. Merry Christmas! And in the immortal words of Tiny Tim,"God Bless Everyone!"

12/21/2012 01:33:00 AM Report Abuse
vickie6002 wrote:

I am retired. Lost my home and all my saving when I lost my job. I have to go to the food pantry for food. My health is not good and I have to get my drugs every month and it does not leave much left over for food. I would be so happy to win this.

12/19/2012 09:51:40 PM Report Abuse
chinzie wrote:

I hope someone who really needs it wins 12-19-12 3;49 pm

12/19/2012 02:49:51 PM Report Abuse
mlssmarlin wrote:

Thought I would try to win something, anything. Does not hurt to enter contests. Looking to help others when I can. One day all will have an abundant of food and no one will go hungry again.

12/19/2012 10:01:40 AM Report Abuse
Patricia17213 wrote:

I am on a fixed income and I could use the help.

12/18/2012 02:22:41 PM Report Abuse
bennettnl wrote:

I hope everyone knows that posting does not equal an entry into the sweepstakes.

12/17/2012 05:59:51 PM Report Abuse
jw4unity9 wrote:

I wish everyone could win, every day! Wouldn't we all have great times in our kitchens! :-)

12/17/2012 04:28:38 PM Report Abuse
gelzer.tosha wrote:

i would love to win ,times are hard for me and my family right now my hubby is in school and i only work part time and they keep cutting my hours to one day a week 5hrs. i go to the local foodbank and churchs for help but it still dont help. my hubby is tryin to find a job but the way things are right now it is hard. i need the help bad.sometime we dont know where our next meal is coming from at the end of the month. please help............thank you

12/16/2012 07:29:53 PM Report Abuse
mblevins1309 wrote:

Widow here living on a fixed income but would use the entire money to pay in forward by helping 10 families in need that are having difficulties whatever they are. That amount could put groceries on the table and make smiles on thier faces again. May the Lord Bless and keep them safe.

12/16/2012 10:04:50 AM Report Abuse
gyoung2007 wrote:

only lucky people get to win , i have never won anything

12/16/2012 07:51:01 AM Report Abuse
sweet_rider_d wrote:

This would be so great right now. My husband fell off a roof and cracked his back. With him off work, we're not making ends meet and just buying what we absolutely need from the store. I can't even make homemade Christmas cookies with my little boy this this year. It would be short of a miracle to win this! Merry Christmas to all!

12/15/2012 02:41:18 PM Report Abuse
tennislover17 wrote:


12/15/2012 08:22:22 AM Report Abuse
psmoke wrote:

1 am older and my ss doesnot go very far.

12/12/2012 06:49:34 PM Report Abuse
darred29 wrote:

As much as we could use this, my husband and I are so impressed with a neighborhood garden that was started by a few Scout groups. I told him about this, and we agreed that, should we win, we'd use part of the money for staples, and give the rest to the local food bank. Thank you for even giving us a chance to bless others!

12/12/2012 11:07:34 AM Report Abuse
teresia.robertson wrote:

Good luck to whoever get's it I'm sure they need it more than i do. So many people out of work i would be glad to share if i won.

12/12/2012 07:52:51 AM Report Abuse
judycools111 wrote:

To the person who wrote sob stories. Maybe you don't have a hard life, maybe writing in this text makes someone feel a little better. You don't have to read them. Enter the contest and skip the reading. Do you have to be insenitive?

12/11/2012 03:44:09 PM Report Abuse
slb11071 wrote:

This would be a great start for the new year!!!!!!!

12/10/2012 01:19:07 PM Report Abuse
andrewrife wrote:

would like to win and help with the homeless. :]

12/10/2012 08:51:52 AM Report Abuse
dotti.b10 wrote:

i need all the help i can get living on $717 a month

12/9/2012 06:28:23 PM Report Abuse
dotti.b10 wrote:

i am widow alonethis would help with groceries live on 717 a month

12/9/2012 06:27:21 PM Report Abuse
bethgarrett5 wrote:

I think it is morally right to eat no meat.

12/9/2012 03:22:07 PM Report Abuse
marade2 wrote:

Winning this grocery contest would be a Godsend! Two weeks before school started I found out that my job had been cut because of the budget so I am now on unemployment. Unemployment isn't enough to pay the bills so there is nothing left for groceries so being able to refill my pantry would truly be a wonderful gift! Thank you!!

12/9/2012 12:09:50 PM Report Abuse
becky.colquitt wrote:

i know that everybody that enters these contest need to win, these contest keep me alive and give me hope that one day i will be rewarded for my dedication and faith. since hubs and my body doesn't allow us to work anymore ,entering contest is my work,,but i have learned so many things reading articles in each magazine,,receipes that we enjoy,tips on how to do various things,,if i don't enter everyday i am not able physically to type...thank you for keeping me alive,giving me hope and sharing

12/9/2012 10:30:49 AM Report Abuse
jlb3394566 wrote:

So many sob stories.

12/8/2012 05:10:19 PM Report Abuse
m_mbear wrote:

I think it is great to have an opportunity to win free groceries. The money freed up from groceries can go to other project/problem areas that are losing out due to shortage of money issues. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

12/8/2012 08:01:34 AM Report Abuse
shirley_fogle wrote:

i am a single mother who dont have much and i spend a lot of money on food .i would love to get some help with food.

12/7/2012 06:58:20 PM Report Abuse
cvoeks1 wrote:

I would love to win extra money no matter what

12/7/2012 06:29:50 PM Report Abuse
terri_stewart_01 wrote:

With both my husband and I on S/S Disability it doesn't leave much for stocking the pantry... I think this contest is great and would be even better if we won it..... Thanks for the chance....

12/7/2012 04:38:13 PM Report Abuse
awgru78091 wrote:

Many people are needier than I , but I would like to feed some people I know .. They have been having some rotten luck for a while .. Much obliged youall ..

12/7/2012 03:27:14 PM Report Abuse
mikenach wrote:

good luck to everone

12/7/2012 03:06:21 PM Report Abuse
stockmanbg wrote:

we could stuff some food pantrys that is for sure

12/7/2012 02:27:48 PM Report Abuse
tazpoohbearfro1 wrote:

well i think that everyone that has enered this sweesteaks should get some thing

12/7/2012 12:09:37 PM Report Abuse
Danno181 wrote:

I'm not in need of the free groceries, but our church minister also runs a 2nd hand store which donates it's proceeds to people in need. They also take food to the needy and to a local soup kitchen. I'd love to be able to donate $2500.00 in groceries to the soup kitchen. They feed an average of 250 needy people, twice a day. They could really use the help.

12/6/2012 09:35:00 PM Report Abuse
brandyschroeder63 wrote:

i am raising four greatnephews times are hard for us and any extra help would be helpful

12/6/2012 09:19:05 PM Report Abuse
brandyschroeder63 wrote:

gosh i thought raising my four great nephews was hard these other people need help too we will make it give this to one of them god bless them

12/6/2012 08:25:52 PM Report Abuse
Dubell65 wrote:

I would just like for once win something

12/6/2012 05:27:44 PM Report Abuse
quallsladybug1 wrote:

I'm sorry but I am one of many had can use yhem .

12/6/2012 04:15:15 PM Report Abuse
roghan50 wrote:

My husband and I are always struggling to keep groceries in the house. I haven't been able to work because of an illness and my husband works for employment agencies and only works a few weeks at a time.

12/6/2012 11:54:37 AM Report Abuse
shirley_fogle wrote:

i am a 35 year old women who is on food stamp i dont work . i am look for work. i am a single mother.i dont have my own place.

12/6/2012 01:51:27 AM Report Abuse
cntryapplegal wrote:

this would be so nice both my husband and i are unemployed and we cant buy to much food we only have his VA benefits that we live on and winning this pantry sweepstakes would be the best thing ever we could eat food that we want and not what we have been given ... we are very greatful from what we get but this would be great ..

12/4/2012 06:42:13 PM Report Abuse
janiepfs wrote:

Gosh how exciting is this! I too am 64, ready for retirement and this would be a God send for sure. I thank you for this opportunity and your desire to give back. It's a good thing.

12/4/2012 03:09:14 PM Report Abuse
stormy7906 wrote:

i'm retired and could use it

12/4/2012 01:03:10 PM Report Abuse
JanJimJames wrote:

Finally retired, got a nice home with a huge walk in pantry, so this would be the most excellant gift for us to help with the budget and feed us!

12/4/2012 11:24:20 AM Report Abuse
faithmm wrote:

How about giving away 25 gift certificates of $100 each or even 5 certificates of $500 each. I think that this might allow more people to win. I am a teacher with lots of children who only eat one meal at school so I buy and give out a LOT of snacks. There is so much need in our country, and yet, we have so much waste! What a shame.

12/3/2012 09:13:04 PM Report Abuse
brbrhyns wrote:

I would like to win because i love to cook and I feed the homeless that I see in my neighborhood , usually I purchase the food out of my income , cook in my home and feed a few of them daily, I would like to feed more but it gets to be expensive, I feed them a full course meal and I feel very blessed to be able to do it. I am a senior citizen , retired from my Job after working many years. Peace and Blessings to whomever win.

12/3/2012 11:30:30 AM Report Abuse
revalicking wrote:

This would be an amazing gift tobeable to give to my mother who is sometimes doing without because my aunt and 2 cousins needed a home and she is trying her best to help get them on their feet and get them employed again. Amazing! God is good all the time even through the rough times.

12/2/2012 10:49:44 PM Report Abuse
jenboyett wrote:

This would be a godsend for my family since my husband was laid off recently from Hostess. The company texted him his pink slip on Nov 16th. Now we are having issues with the company dealing with the Unemployment office. So he has been without any kind of pay thanks in part to thoughtlessness of the Bakers Union and the top management that decided to give themselves a pay raise of 80 - 300% after coming out the last bankruptcy.

12/2/2012 02:29:48 PM Report Abuse
reginalfleming wrote:

My husband will be laid off in the next few weeks, due to lack of the construction work in our area. Last year he was laid off from just before Christmas till the middle of May. Shouldn't complain things are worse for other people.

12/2/2012 02:02:24 PM Report Abuse
nelsonch53 wrote:

I'm a Juvenile Diabetic x 50 yrs and I will be moving back to PA with my special needs 32 yr old son (who is 320 lbs) to care for him. I need to help him loose weight, so, between him and me I don't know how I'm going to do it with the cost of food. we are both on Disability. Would love to win.

12/2/2012 11:44:37 AM Report Abuse
garygreen1 wrote:

I would love to win this prize.

12/2/2012 08:10:58 AM Report Abuse
SUNARAB wrote:

i think its a shame we are a nation of helping others while the Americans go hungry. this would be a blessing for my household. i would share with my homeless friend in CA who is also hungry n cold.

12/1/2012 02:42:12 PM Report Abuse
dewey_decimal19 wrote:

Free Grocery Sweepstakes is just the name of this sweeps. I saw nothing in the rules that stated this money (check) HAD to be used ONLY for food. Most of us have pressing needs other than food, maybe meds or roof needs repairing. I enter lots of sweeps because I am in need of cash.

12/1/2012 11:45:35 AM Report Abuse
mariantaylor10 wrote:

What does it say about this country when so many people are entering a contest just to win food, So lets keep giving our money away to other countries and keep those loopholes for the rich coming, after all why should they give up their money for taxes when we all do such a good job.. For those of us who care, Treat each other well people..

12/1/2012 08:43:26 AM Report Abuse
umeh700 wrote:

just want to wish the best of luck to all contestants and CONGRATS in advance to the winner,know this opportunity will mean so much to anyone of us that wins.also want to give a big thank you to the meredith women network for this wonderful opportunities.GOD BLESS.

12/1/2012 07:11:12 AM Report Abuse
vmclean895 wrote:

This will be a great blessing for me to win this. Hopefully I do win this.

11/30/2012 11:40:32 PM Report Abuse
rhonda.register59 wrote:

I would be a true blessing to win.

11/30/2012 09:44:17 PM Report Abuse
hedricju wrote:

Would love to help the families from the school that I teach. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

11/30/2012 11:34:40 AM Report Abuse
lewfay2 wrote:

ellen this would truly be a Blessing for us ,Grocerys are so expensive and when your on Limited income and ssi it would really help.I think who ever wins they are Blessed and I will be Happy for the winner even if its not me.I know it would really help my Pantry .

11/29/2012 06:01:12 PM Report Abuse
Toni_hooper59 wrote:

I know of a few families that will benefit if I were to win. God is good. Pay it forward.

11/27/2012 03:34:53 PM Report Abuse
duckhunter_7291 wrote:

Groceries are priced way above the average man's/woman's head. I think it is a crying shame that the government has let our economy get so bad that people are going hungry. I would love to win this just like everyone else but if I don't, I know the person who does win it, will enjoy. Thank you for realizing we can always benfit from restocking our pantry.

11/26/2012 12:51:01 PM Report Abuse
benjamin299 wrote:

the cost to enter this sweeps is your time. No money scammed from you. The magazine is interested in your subscription but it is not required to win. If u think it is a "scam", simply stop entering and that improves the chances of someone else winning

11/26/2012 10:58:55 AM Report Abuse
jmdickey55 wrote:

Meridith is one of the largest mag publishers. the contests are legit. One ended and they started this one. My daughter won a similar one a year ago - wife won a kindle last feb . sweeps entries are not essays, but random winner selections. Prizes awarded 1-2 mo after entry deadlines.

11/26/2012 06:29:58 AM Report Abuse
dndcowgirl2 wrote:

ACCORDING "TO THE RULES"....THIS IS "NOT OVER TILL DEC. OF THIS YEAR"...SO DON'T KNOW HOW ...gypsy 55104 came to that conclusion...I would Love to Win this..."GOOD LUCK TO ALL"...COWGIRL2

11/25/2012 09:07:01 PM Report Abuse
gypsy55104 wrote:

This smells like a scam. Take a look at the number of comments-340- and the DATES THEY WERE MADE. I found one of mine from months ago. This contest was to have officially ended a month or so ago., and the 'prize' awarded. Yet, here it is, back again. What-no one won the first time around? I wonder what the legality is here.

11/25/2012 03:47:27 PM Report Abuse
tazpoohbearfro1 wrote:

i only make $636 a month and i have a 23 month old daughter at home and even going to the food bank u don't get that much and it is getting really hard to shop for food when u only have just a little left out of the money i get every month and i would really like to win the money to feed my family

11/24/2012 12:07:18 PM Report Abuse
birds2cats wrote:

We really need this. New Dr.s, ER visits, lots of medical. Husband has been out of work for 5 yrs. except for 5 mo. that he got to work part time. No jobs around here. My disability pays about half of our bills. Groceries takes a lot now due to my new-found numerous food allergies. This money would be so appreciated, it would be hard to say how much. Thank you for this nice gift that someone will receive.

11/23/2012 04:24:28 PM Report Abuse
dustyinjesupia wrote:

i trully need the 2500 prize. living on only 600/month

11/23/2012 08:33:38 AM Report Abuse
lj612 wrote:

I had to swallow my pride and go to the food bank here in town.2500.00 would go a long way to feed us. I have a lot of food allergies and the food bank does not take hat into consideration. I know that beggers can't be choosers but I cannot afford to end up in the hospital either.I never thought entering a contest for food would be in the stars for us.

11/22/2012 05:13:26 PM Report Abuse
jdcallahand wrote:

i dont know what sgs281 is talking about i have no problem entering the sweepstakes. I really hope this is not a scam

11/22/2012 09:48:52 AM Report Abuse
mmwilcox2010 wrote:

love to cook and share

11/21/2012 04:34:44 PM Report Abuse
tahni60 wrote:

I would be very greatful to win some food. I cannot eat right because of the high costs of food. If I had some land, I would start a community garden and give food away!

11/21/2012 03:03:28 PM Report Abuse
sgs281 wrote:

this is a scam as far as i am concerned - there is no way to traverse this rediculous entry form - i never saw a place to enter the code number from inside the box of cereal........... what a bunch of you know what....never again- you are frauds

11/21/2012 08:11:56 AM Report Abuse
sgs281 wrote:

you make very difficult to complete an entry form for the grocery sweepsteaks

11/21/2012 08:03:49 AM Report Abuse
Rsaanab7 wrote:

I am 76, living alone, but I just entered the contest and I am sure someone need the money more than I. As, you get older, you didn't eat as much so good luck to some person who needs the nedd. God bless you for being such a kind person.

11/20/2012 09:16:13 AM Report Abuse
Vacation Giveaway wrote:

I can think of so many who need help with food! I'd be blessed to help make it happen.

11/19/2012 06:08:25 PM Report Abuse
Vacation Giveaway wrote:

I can think of so many people this would help! I would feel blessed to make that happen.

11/19/2012 06:05:16 PM Report Abuse
nanpurcell wrote:

Didn't read through all of the comments, but while it would be fun to win, it sounds like many of these people need it worse than I do. I pray that God is allowed to use these hard times to bring people close to Him. God bless you all.

11/19/2012 04:00:10 PM Report Abuse
cookgarysally wrote:

MY husband & I are in our 70's. He recently suffered a severe heart attack & then a stroke. He has to be on a special diet, many of the ingredients very costly. The money would truly be a Godsend.

11/19/2012 01:08:37 PM Report Abuse
arkangelsusa wrote:

I'd love to win this contest. Can't imagine free grocerys a dream come true. We could all use the help. Thank you.

11/19/2012 11:07:21 AM Report Abuse
southernpeach12 wrote:

it would be a blessing, to get this for my husband, mom and me. we have had a bad year for us, some weeks we only have hambuger meat . i take care of my disabled husband, and my disabled mom, very hard on 20 hours a week but we get by. what a blessing to not have to worry for alittle while about feeding my family.

11/18/2012 12:52:24 PM Report Abuse
sarina.clooney wrote:

What a blessing this would be feeding a family on a single income. I work hard to provide and feel cheated because we have to cut back on food to make ends meet. God is awesome though, things will work outl

11/17/2012 08:50:42 PM Report Abuse
eva_brown2003 wrote:

Everyone needs a little help and I am among all of the them. Being unable to keep up with all of the expensive I was not counting on when I was forced to stop working because of a accident I had. It would sure be nice to receive something to help me out.

11/17/2012 12:24:56 PM Report Abuse
eostling30 wrote:

I love your recipes. Thank you!

11/17/2012 12:01:27 PM Report Abuse
SocialMedia10 wrote:

Just wanted to let you know I shared this on we have a few contests our self and soon we haope to have something like this. I would use it to stock some of my family's empty cupboards! I could use a few things but they need it more. I will share this with them too!

11/16/2012 12:26:30 PM Report Abuse
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