Eve's Black Heart

Similar to a Black Velvet, which is made with Guinness and Champagne, this beer cocktail has a double hit of apples from both hard cider and apple brandy. Hence, the name, derived from Eve's penchant for the forbidden fruit.

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    8   ounces 
    dry hard cider (such as Crispin brut or Farnum Hill semi-dry), chilled (1 cup)
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    1  14.9 fluid ounce can 
    Guinness draught, chilled
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    1   fluid ounce 
    Calvados (2 Tbs.)

Divide the cider between two chilled pint glasses. To float the Guinness on top of the cider, pop the tab on the can, let it foam up, and then pour the beer slowly over the rounded back of a tablespoon measure held over each glass, stopping when almost full. Gently pour 1 tablespoon of the Calvados on top of each drink. Serve.
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