Champagne Cosmo

Sip this festive sparkler - a Champagne twist on a Cosmopolitan - before dinner or while you enjoy the first course.

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    1 1/2  cups 
    cranberry juice cocktail, chilled
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    1/2  cup 
    Grand Marnier
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    3   tablespoons 
    fresh lime juice
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    thin strips of lime zest (from 2 limes), each about 1/4 inch wide and 3 inches long
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    2  750  milliliter bottles 
    brut sparkling wine or Champagne, chilled

Combine the cranberry juice, Grand Marnier, and lime juice in a small pitcher and mix well. Hold a lime strip over a tall Champagne flute, twist or tie it into a single knot to release the essential oils, and drop the zest into the flute. Repeat with the remaining zest and seven more flutes. Divide the juice mixture equally among the flutes. Top each flute with the sparkling wine (depending on the size of your flutes, you may not need all of the wine). Serve immediately.
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