Food Blogs We Love

Whether their specialty is down-home dinners, inspired desserts, or something deliciously in between, these are the people we want to hang out with in the kitchen...

  1. $10 Buck Dinners

    A busy mom/wife/entrepreneur offers up easy, delicious, and reasonably healthy dinner recipes that feed a family of 4 for $10 or less.

  2. 101 Cookbooks

    Heidi Swanson summarizes the premise of the site the best: "When you own over 100 cookbooks, it is time to stop buying, and start cooking. This site chronicles a cookbook collection, one recipe at a time."

  3. 400 Calories or Less

    If you want a healthy body, you need to eat healthy meals, so 40-something Aileen serves up recipes that satisfy without adding pounds.

  4. 80 Breakfasts

    Joey doesn't claim to be an expert on travel, food, fashion, books, or the beach, just someone who knows what she loves. Oh, and she loves breakfast.

  5. A Communal Table

    Nancy Buchanan knows that finding great recipes is easy but figuring out "what goes with what" and how to get it all to the table at the same time is the real challenge. Coming up with solutions is what she explores on her blog.

  6. A Year of Slow Cooking

    In 2008, Stephanie O'Dea made a New Year's Resolution to use her Crock-Pot slow cooker everyday for a year and blog about it online. She continues to share her cooking shortcuts today, plus adds in throwback tips from her 2008 kitchen adventures.

  7. Bake at 350

    Bridget’s love of sugar led her to create inspired cookies, cakes, and confections, all decorated with her truly artistic hand. Her baking advice and tutorials bring out the inner baker in all of us!

  8. Baked Bree

    Bree has three children with three distinctive palates: One eats everything, one eats most things (at least one bite anyway) and one that eats nothing at all. Welcome to eating at her house.

  9. BitterSweet

    No connection to the chocolate. But Hannah Kaminski does consider her site of delicious, vegan-centric recipes and charming, homespun crafts a sweet little oasis in a sometimes bitter world.

  10. CakeSpy

    Cakespy is a Dessert Detective Agency (head detective: Jessie Oleson) dedicated to seeking sweetness (literally) in everyday life. Jessie and team do this by writing about bakeries, conducting baking experiments, and picking the brains of bakers and food artists.

  11. Cannelle et Vanille

    Why Cannelle Et Vanille? Aran - mom, Basque ex-pat, and freelance food writer - explains those are the smells and tastes of her childhood. Her blog is very much filled with nostalgia - a journal of all her recipes, travels and life stories.

  12. Cheeky Kitchen

    Brooke McLay creates food that families will actually eat and adore. Her site is a place where realistic, accessible, affordable ingredients are used and old-fashioned goodness is served daily, with a hearty dose of personality.

  13. Chez Pim

    Pim Te chronicles her globetrotting adventures -and misadventures - in the world of all things edible, from her kitchen in Northern California to the vibrant street-food of Asia and the refined world of Three Michelin Star restaurants.

  14. Closet Cooking

    Years ago, Kevin Lynch realized he kept eating the same few dishes over and over again - he has since vowed to never eat a boring meal again. Now he spends his free time searching for tasty new recipes, creating his own and making them in his closet-sized kitchen.

  15. Eats Well with Others

    Ever wonder what would have happened if Carrie Bradshaw had gone to medical school and filled her apartment with cookbooks instead of shoes? Wonder no more. Join Joanne Bruno as she weaves her way through life in NYC as an MD/PhD student/marathon runner/grocery shopper extraordinaire - and eats really well while she does it.

  16. Eat The Love

    Some folks are afraid of baking because of the precision required - you make a mistake, and the cake falls or the cookies burn. While this is true, once you understand the WHY behind the rules, you can start bending them, changing them, making them yours. Irvin Lin shows you how.

  17. Eclectic Recipes

    Angie McGowan is stay at home mom who loves to cook for her family. She creates recipes that are fun and easy with ingredients that are easy to find. Although Angie doesn't have any formal training in food, her recipes receive hundreds of thousands of hits each month!

  18. Food Blogga

    It's Rhode Islandese for Food Blogger. This is where Susan Russo - a freelance food writer, cookbook author and recipe developer - shares musings on food and life, original recipes and photography, and book and product reviews.

  19. Foodie Reflections

    Dedicated to the exploration of all things culinary: food culture, unique ingredients, restaurants, recipes, menus, cooking techniques, wine, and the list goes on and on. Jaclyn Kolber wants to experiment, discuss and learn as much as possible about food, one of the few things all beings have in common.

  20. Food Wishes Video Recipes

    After earning his AAS Degree, with Honors, in Culinary Arts/Chef Training, Chef John spent the next 20 years working in the food industry, and then went on to teach at the California Culinary Academy. After almost five years of teaching, John eventually decided to leave the school and follow his dream of teaching a larger audience how to cook, and share his passion for fine food.

  21. Gluten Free Girl and the Chef

    In Shauna James Ahern's own words: "Food is the path to healing in celiac. There is no pill we can take, no surgery we can endure, and in fact, no cure other than living on an entirely gluten-free diet. Some find that distressing. I find it a blessing. In order to be well, I have to eat well. I have to feed myself. I have to live in food."

  22. Iowa Girl Eats

    Kristin Porter is an Iowa Girl, through and through. She eats as well as one can with a massive sweet tooth, runs as often as she can despite the finnicky Midwestern weather and spends as much time as possible thinking about the insanely cool places she wants to travel to!

  23. Jeanette's Healthy Living

    In Jeanette's kitchen, you'll find healthy dishes packed with flavor and goodness. She developed a passion for health-focused cooking while making meals for family and friends with illness-related dietary needs. She believes you can eat wholesome, healthy, satisfying meals without compromising on full flavor.

  24. Kate in the Kitchen

    Kate weaves her degrees in Culinary Arts and English Composition together through stories and memories. She grew up learning to cook with her mom, who guided Kate through basic kitchen tasks and gave Kate the foundation to explore, learn and grow in the kitchen.

  25. No Recipes

    Marc Matsumoto's philosophy on cooking is that it's 50% technique, 40% inspiration and 10% ingredients. He strongly believes that if you're armed with some basic techniques and a little inspiration, you can make a tasty meal from even the most derelict pantry.

  26. One Perfect Bite

    Mary loves the company of those who understand the quest for that one perfect bite. The food here is simple, inexpensive and easy to prepare -- it's peasant fare that meets the needs of today's health-conscious cooks. The recipes are lovely, as are the stories of the people and places behind them.

  27. Proud Italian Cook

    This self proclaimed foodie is a wife, mother, grandma, and mother-in-law. Her passion is home cooking -- Italian American style!

  28. Recipes, Gastronomy, Food + Food for Thought

    After working in politics and copywriting, Mike moved from Chicago to Boston to study gastronomy (the role of food in society). In between work and school, he cooks things, photographs them and puts them on this blog. So you can make them too, if you feel like it.

  29. Sass & Veracity

    A challenge to lose weight with a best friend is what inspired Kelly to start this healthy eating blog - she wanted a place to talk about their progress, or lack thereof. Whipping up recipes came easily — the weight loss, not so much. But Kelly realized she could combine her love for cooking, writing, and photography all in one place.

  30. Shockingly Delicious

    Dorothy Reinhold specializes in scrumptious, simple-to-prepare, tried and true recipes, tips and coaching to make YOU a fabulous home cook. These are "scary good" recipes with big flavors, so don't blame her if you need a 12-step program to wean yourself from your addiction to some of them! You've been warned!

  31. Smitten Kitchen

    Fearless cooking from a 42-square-foot kitchen in New York City. Deb Perelman's stepped-up comfort food proves you don't need space or pretentious ingredients to create wonderfully delicious dishes.

  32. Sprinkle Bakes

    Heather is all about making dessert beautiful. You'll find a collection of recipes for all manner of sweet treats, as well as tutorials, step-by-step instructions and recipes for novice bakers. Heather prefers made-from-scratch recipes, but would never criticize anyone for using a box mix (she thinks they make nice shortcuts and uses them herself on occasion).

  33. Steamy Kitchen

    Jaden Hair utilizes Asian flavors and cooking techniques to create fast, fresh, simple dishes you can whip up for tonight's dinner. She believes if you know the basic combinations of Chinese seasonings - soy, sugar, wine, sesame oil Japanese: mirin, soy, sake - you can make fantastically flavorful meals.

  34. T's Tasty Bits

    This blog documents Tamara's adventures in the kitchen, recreating the meals she used to eat growing up in Ecuador. Her posts relate a story or memory associated with the particular meal. Some of the recipes have been passed along to her from family; others have been compiled from Ecuadorian cookbooks and adapted to enhance their taste, or to use ingredients available in the U.S.

  35. Tartelette

    It's not only about sweets! This blog is devoted to food photography, fresh seasonal ingredients and celebrating life. Helene - a French expat, photographer, wife, dog lover, friend, neighbor, living in Charleston, SC - started this blog after leaving a position as Pastry Chef of a French restaurant. So yes, pastry plays a role, but there's so much more...

  36. The Bitten Word

    Zach and Clay started this blog as part of a New Year's resolution to start using the many, many food magazines they subscribe to, cooking at least one recipe from each magazine. Their current stable of magazines includes Bon Appétit, Cook's Country, Cook's Illustrated, Everyday Food, Food

  37. The Daily Dish

    Kristina Vanni creates recipes for people who are short on time, on a budget or want to prepare meals with fresh and local ingredients. She travels to get the latest on cooking tips and tricks, and meets with other celebrity chefs to get their twists on recipes.

  38. The Healthy Foodie

    If you are what you eat, then this blog is Sonia. The 38 year old from Québec recently turned her life around and decided to embrace a healthy lifestyle and clean up her diet. This is her food journal, to help me get inspired and stay on track...and maybe inspire you, too!

  39. The Mushroom Channel

    Everything you ever wanted to know about mushrooms - recipes, photographs, history, nutrition information, tips on varieties, etc. If you love mushrooms, you'll be an instant fan of this site.

  40. The Novice Chef

    Jessica is a trial and error, self-taught, sugar addict who likes to cook and bake…a lot. She also like to photograph her creations, tell funny stories, and share the recipes with you. She's a southern girl with a love for food, saying "y'all," everything furry, a good cocktail, and shoes.

  41. The Pioneer Woman Cooks

    The blog that made Ree Drummond a household name. A city girl falls in love with a cowboy during a visit back to her hometown. Now she lives in the middle of nowhere on a working cattle ranch, wrangling children, chipping dried manure from boots, washing jeans, making gravy. And writing daily about her ongoing transition from spoiled city girl to domestic country wife.

  42. What's Cookin' Chicago

    Joelen Tan is an avid food enthusiast who has a deep passion for cooking, baking, learning and sharing anything related to the culinary arts and culinary industry. This blog captures her adventures in and out of the kitchen, most of which involves dishes she creates at home for family and friend, along with culinary events she host for her social cooking group, What's Cookin, Chicago.

  43. Wicked Good Dinner

    Dawn Viola shares recipes and tips for cooking with organic and local ingredients using a back-to-basics approach and from-scratch cooking techniques. Processed foods, while convenient, contain preservatives and chemicals that have been linked to cancer, obesity, behavior problems, mood swings, migraines and allergies, to name a few.

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