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Whiskery Kids Dinner: Walrus Sloppy Joe

With all of the tension going on with the election (and all those negative ads!), I was in the mood just to go all out and make something silly. Why a walrus? Well, just look at him! A walrus sloppy joe with a mustache should bring a smile to everyone’s face!


What You’ll Need:
sloppy joe filling (your favorite recipe)
hamburger bun
white cheese
baby carrot
tortilla chips


To Make Walrus Sloppy Joe:
Make your favorite sloppy joe recipe. Spoon some of the sloppy joe filling onto the bottom part of a hamburger bun. Cut the top part of the bun into a mustache and a mouth. Use a small lid to cut circles out of the white cheese for eyes. Use small pieces of hamburger meat from the sloppy joe filling for the pupils. Slice a baby carrot and put in place for the nose. Cut tusks out of white cheese and put into place. Arrange chips on plate with the walrus to complete the meal.




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