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On a Cinnamon Roll — With Cinnabon-Flavored Vodka!

Cinnabon-Flavored Vodka: food news

If your vodka just isn’t sweet enough, the reason has now become clear: It does not contain nearly enough — or maybe not any at all — CINNAMON. As every boozehound knows, vodka should taste either like tomato-infused hangover medicine or Good Morning frosting-coated breakfast buns.


bloody marys: cinnamon vodka

And that brings us to Pinnacle Vodla’s newest flavor: Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll. Pinnacle will start rolling out Cinnabon-branded vodka the Sunday after Thanksgiving, according to Buzzfeed Business, unfortunately not soon enough to celebrate Thanksgiving with Turkey and Dressing BUT in plenty of time for Christmas cookies and certainly under the wire for the New Year’s Eve spread. The latter is an especially good idea, because revelers who stay up well past midnight on the 31st can now keep drinking Cinnamon Roll Vodka as they toast the new day — and the new year — with Pinnacle’s new 70-proof liquid breakfast.


Meanwhile, do not despair for a minute due to the fact that Cinnabon Vodka will not be here in time for Turkey Day. The good news is that Pinnacle’s whipped cream version has, according to the company, surged to the top among flavored-vodkas in North America. Not only that, but Pinnacle is also bringing back its Pumpkin Pie Vodka.


Of course the really good news is that you can now skip the drudgery of making turkey with all the trimmings this year, forget worrying about pumpkin pie, and give the Christmas goose a full pardon that lets him live to fly South for yet another winter. All you need to get you through this holiday season are cases and cases of flavored vodkas. And maybe a couple bottles of Aspirin.


We certainly expect corned-beef-and-cabbage vodka by St. Paddy’s Day. After all, there already is a bacon-flavored vodka!




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