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Vegetable Desserts — A Rotten Trend?

Veggie Desserts: Food NewsIf ever there was a month to give in to holiday desserts, December is it. Christmas parties, cookie swaps, end-of-year celebrations — it’s a wonder we can even button our jeans come New Year’s Day.


But if what we hear is true — that restaurants are really adding veggies to their dessert menus — maybe we won’t have to fight the throngs at the gym after Jan. 1.


NPR, citing an article in the trade publication Food Technology, has spotted a new vegetable dessert trend: an ice cream sandwich made with candy cap mushrooms (at San Francisco’s Americano Restaurant & Bar); a crème brûlée fashioned from sweet corn and popcorn shoots (at Seattle’s Tilth); and a sorbet mixed with celery, goat cheese, and figs (from New York’s Del Posto).


Our parents told us to eat our veggies, but this is ridiculous. Mushrooms and ice cream should never, ever mix. Never. Ever.


But nutrition professor Mary Ann Johnson doesn’t think a veggie-heavy dessert is a bad thing, telling NPR something like a celery sorbet could teach kids to eat veggies more often and like them more. (Or they could grow up resenting Mom and Dad for forcing them to eat celery sorbet. Just sayin’.)


The restaurants aren’t likely on a mission to teach good eating habits, though, Food Technology associate editor Karen Nachay tells NPR. “They have a lot of [extra seasonal] produce, they have fun experimenting,” she says. “In turn you have a lot of these creative dishes being offered.”


And, we’re guessing, a lot of annoyed diners.




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