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Welcome to the Vegas Strip — Steak, That Is

vegas strip steak


Next time someone asks how you enjoy the Vegas strip, you may find yourself telling them medium rare with a little A.1. on the side.


As ABC News reports, meat specialists have “discovered” a new cut of beef, which they say is comparable to a New York strip (but much cheaper). It seems somehow appropriate, then, that they’re calling it the Vegas strip steak.


Just in time for grilling season, the steak weighs in at 14-ounces, but can be cut up into 4-ounce servings. It made its debut last month not, as would seem logical, in Vegas, but in Chicago at the Protein Innovation Summit. (Protein Innovation Summit? Okaaay.)


“There’s nothing else quite like steak, and it epitomizes the pleasure of eating beef,“ reads the website dedicated to the Vegas strip steak. “That’s what prompted a meat scientist, a chef and a university to team up to find a new steak, saving an undervalued muscle from the fate of the grinder and moving it to a far more valuable place — the center of the plate.”


According to ABC, Dr. Tony Mata of Mata & Associates, a steak specialist company, brought the Vegas strip cut to Oklahoma State University’s Jacob Nelson, who also specializes in meat.


“Initially, the cut was labeled as undervalued,” Mata said, according to ABC. “Whenever we can take a muscle and turn it into a steak rather than grinding it or selling it as a roast, we are adding value to the carcass. … This muscle produces a steak that is on par with or better than today’s most popular steaks.”


At a recent private tasting, Mata tells the network the Vegas strip steak was well-received.


“They tasted it, loved it and applauded,” he says.


And here we thought what happened with Vegas, stayed in Vegas. Guess it depends what kind of strip you’re dealing with.




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  • David says:

    Creating cool blog is not harder than creating terrific information. But you know that you done both quite well. Thank man.

  • Jo Ann Riley says:

    YES, WHEN?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Cheryl Mallie says:

    So when can we expect to be able to order and/or buy this Vegas Strip Steak from restaurants and grocery stores?

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