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Romantic Dinner Recipes for Valentine’s Day, Easy & Elegant

How I hope that your romantic Valentine’s dinner is intended for two people only, and that those two are adults.


Not that I don’t adore dear little children and their sweet ways. It’s just that kids are so … anti-elegance-prone, so apt to prefer chicken nuggets to truly dazzling cuisine. And to make known their disgust for good food in ways that are extra-clear, such as gagging. When it comes to a romantic, sophisticated dinner, the presence of kids is like an icy shower.


Whether your children are sharing in the Valentine’s Day menu is out of my control. But if they plan to attend, maybe you should have some chicken nuggets ready for them. Because they probably won’t like the entrees I’m suggesting here. Well, they might like the roast duck with farro stuffing, but most ducks really do serve only two, so tell the children it’s sweetbreads or something.


Whoops! That’s not a very nice note to end on. But whether you’re dining à deux or sharing dinner with a horde of young-uns, these recipes are guaranteed to be 100% romantic.




valentine dinner recipesMake Valentine’s Day special with the great recipe for roasted duck with farro stuffing!
















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