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10 Easy Recipes for Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey

You say you’re already tired of Thanksgiving turkey recipes? Then, listen up, my friends. Or “read up,” if you will. The minute Thanksgiving dinner is over, I want you to push back your chair, waddle to the kitchen, and strip all the meat off the turkey. Thanksgiving leftovers are a necessary challenge. Trying to store Thanksgiving leftovers in the fridge when you have to navigate around a looming, poorly wrapped turkey carcass is an unnecessary waste — a waste of time, space, and turkey.


Pull off all the meat (don’t forget to turn the bird over!) and send it packing — or, rather, packed for the fridge. If you’re going to save the carcass for turkey soup, pull it apart or smash it down first so that it will store more easily. (The smashing part will get rid of some of your aggression towards all the people who didn’t help with dinner.) Then wrap and refrigerate those bones and slip out of the house so someone else will do the dishes.


It may not seem like it right now, but tomorrow you’ll be glad to have all that leftover meat. For a couple of dinners, you can get away with making sandwiches (click here for easy turkey sandwich recipes) or reheating the leftovers. (Turkey enchiladas, anyone?) But soon people will start resisting another slice of reheated turkey covered with reheated gravy. That’s when you need to turn to one of these great beyond-leftover options.




Leftover Turkey RecipesUse your leftovers to make these great Shredded Turkey & Pinto Bean Burritos!
















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