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Tuna Twist Casserole: 30-Minute Meal

Tuna Twist Casserole Recipe: 30-Minute MealThe only real twist we can find in this tuna twist casserole (click here for recipe) is that it tastes great! And that’s not something most of us could say about those quickie dishes we used to whip up years ago to feed a houseful of poor and starving roommates. Yes, along with the faded chorus of “who’s turn is it to do the dishes?” (apparently nobody’s, judging from the mess in the sink the next morning), it’s time to banish all previous memories about what a great tuna casserole can be.


And that’s a good thing, because this stand-out among tuna casseroles is not just delicious but every bit as quick and easy as the ones you used to turn out in the dorm. That’s right, still clocking in at only 30 minutes.


This easy recipe has a few taste advantages over the “original,” too. For starters, it’s made with an easy to prepare Alfredo sauce. Sounds fancy. Tastes fancy. But all you do is mix Alfredo sauce, eggs, and garlic to the tuna, pasta, and broccoli (did we mention this dish is also healthy?) and send the whole thing into the oven to bake toward perfection. Couldn’t be easier. Couldn’t be more delicious.


So let’s here it for the tuna casserole (click here for tuna twist casserole recipe), still one of the fastest things you can whip up to feed — and please — a crowd. Maybe even your own family, which, unlike your college digs, comes fully equipped with at least one or two guaranteed dishwashers.




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