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Here’s Hoping ‘True Blood Cookbook’ Doesn’t Suck

True Blood Cookbook


So, no, the vampires on HBO’s hit TV series True Blood aren’t really down with eating good food—well, of the nonhuman variety, at least. We can’t really speak to the dining habits of werewolves, were-panthers,  shape-shifters, fairies, and all the other supernatural creatures on the show, but that’s not stopping the publication of the True Blood Cookbook.


The food blog Eater reports the cookbook, set to come out this fall, will feature “photos from the show’s four seasons, side stories and authentic southern recipes for the local fare of the insatiable world of Bon Temps.”


Penned by True Blood‘s creator, Alan Ball, with an assist from Karen Sommer Shallett and Marcelle Bienvenu, we’re guessing the recipes will be heavy on the Cajun—with maybe a turkey neck, garlic bread, or blood orange salad tossed in—à la the fare served up by medium/restaurant cook Lafayette at Merlotte’s. You know, the kind of Louisiana grub Sookie Stackhouse would serve to her brother, Jason, but that wouldn’t sit too well with her 170-something vampire loves Bill Compton or Eric Northman.


“This book will be substantial, with recipes that capture the unique ambiance, dark humor, and complexity of characters that make up the magical and offbeat world of True Blood,” Ball says in a press release. “In other words, it will be worthy of ‘Trubies’ everywhere.”


We’re just—ahem —dying to see the book’s cocktail section. Because finding a recipe for synthetic blood? We’ve been wanting to sink our teeth into that for, well, never.


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