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Great Tortilla Recipes from Soup to Salad

Tortilla RecipesWith Cinco de Mayo just around the corner, you might be looking for a few good Mexican recipes. You might even be considering making them with your own tortillas. Either way, we can do that, with tortillas that lead to soup, a main course, and even dessert.


Tortillas are traditionally made with corn flour, and that’s what we’ll be rolling out here. But tortillas made with wheat are another option, especially for our gluten-free friends. Tortillas are the basis of just about any Mexican dish you can think of, plus a bunch that take their inspiration from Fajitaville.


We’ll kick off with a recipe for the tortillas themselves, followed by great dishes that use either homemade or store-bought. Either works well for the options here, like the one for a salad wrapped up like a burrito. We’ll also show you clever ways to layer tortillas—on their own or in a dish—that showcase this flat bread’s versatility.





Tortilla Recipes
Make tortillas like these at least once for the fun of it, but don’t be ashamed to go with easy store-bought, which are much easier to make and still taste good.




Layered Southwestern Salad with Tortilla Strips

Tortilla Strips
Baked, crisp corn tortilla slices give this salad a little extra oomph.




Tortilla Soup

Tortilla Recipes
You can’t go wrong with this popular standard as long as you’ve got corn, tomatoes, and soup-infused tortillas.




Goat Cheese Truffle Oil Crisp

Tortilla Recipes
This upscale take on the good ol’ quesadilla makes for a beautiful, delicate appetizer.




Cobb Salad Wrap

Tortilla Recipes
That’s a wrap! Here’s a genius use of tortillas to make a classic salad even better.




Triple Decker Tortilla

Tortilla Recipes
This main dish is vegetarian, but you can make it as tall as you want adding between the layers.




Beef and Bean Tortilla Casserole

Tortilla Recipes
A mainstay of potlucks across the nation, this dish can also be made with chicken. Add sour cream or yogurt for a total comfort food.




Caramelized Apple Tostadas

Tortilla Recipes
A sweet treat guaranteed to impress at the end to any meal, and a stellar use for any leftover you-know-whats.





Make authentic enchiladas for Cinco de Mayo!






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