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Top 5 Foods to Make Yourself for Big Savings: Supermarket Savvy

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Food makers know that shoppers don’t like to see prices go up, so they have a few sneaky tricks to cut their costs without raising prices. This is especially true in the wake of last summer’s drought. Of course, we all know that manufacturers occasionally reduce the size of their products to cut costs. And now some have started swapping out standard ingredients for cheaper ones.


I noticed months ago that some flavors of one of my favorite ice cream brands didn’t taste as good as they used to. I looked closely and saw that these packages were now labeled “frozen dairy dessert” instead of “ice cream.” What!? Expert couponer and shopper Jill Cataldo noticed this, too, and wrote that some food companies were making products with cheaper ingredients and a whole lot of air.


I don’t want to pay for boxes of sub-par ingredients and air, so I went looking for solutions. I found Julia, a food blogger at the Practical Pantry, and her helpful list of the “Top Five Foods To Make Yourself.” And I’ve added some links to recipes for each to make it super easy to make these yourself:


1. Iced tea. Minimal effort for maximum enjoyment.


2. Salad dressings/marinades. Make only the small quantity you need.


3. Bread/ baked goods. Stock up now on sugar and flour to last through winter.


4. Popcorn. Corn kernels cost a fraction of microwave bags, minus the chemicals.


5. Ice creams/sorbet. The cost of a basic ice cream maker will quickly pay for itself.


Recipe.com will track when the ingredients for these five foods are sale, so with little effort on our part, we can save a lot. And your food will no doubt taste better, too.




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