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8 Tomato Soup Recipes — Easy Winners All

We’d like to nominate tomato soup for a Lifetime Achievement Award, now that Awards Season is upon us. Or, if you’re more of a sports fan, we insist that homemade tomato soup is a natural, um, Super Bowl winner.


Consider its qualifications: Tomato soup is versatile and tasty enough to qualify as a bona fide comfort food while also being elegant enough to serve at dinner parties. It can be creamy, spicy, smooth, or chunky, and it’s a delicious compliment to a wide variety of other plates. Grilled cheese, anyone?


To help you truly appreciate tomato soup’s body of work, here are some best performances in the form of our favorite recipes. We’ve got everything from the classic tomato soup recipe to a hearty tomato tortellini soup on down to a Thai-spiced tomato soup.


Each of these soups is full of delicious tomato flavor — all varied and tasty but in totally different ways. And, just as we watch our favorite movies over and over again (not to mention our favorite teams), we know you’ll want to make these tomato soup recipes more than once.




Tomato Soup RecipesCook up a Super Bowl of these award-winning tomato soup recipes!
















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