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Homemade Tomato Sauce: Cook Once, Eat Twice

Tomato Sauce: Cook Once, Eat TwiceIf you want to make tomato sauce from scratch, now’s the time. Tomato season is at its peak, so save the canned tomatoes for later. You’ll get a fresher, sweeter flavor with homemade and have more control over the consistency of your own sauce. But that means extra prep time, so this week’s master plan is to make double the amount in the morning and enjoy fresh tomato sauce in two great recipes later in the day (or week) without extra work. P.S. You can also toss your sauce over any noodles for a super-quick pasta dinner.


Here’s an easy recipe for a tomato sauce with Roma tomatoes, which are best for a meaty sauce. You can use any tomatoes you find at the farmstand, though, but make sure to scoop out most of the juicy parts and use only the pulp in that case.


Day One (dinner): This crowd-pleasing, family friendly recipe — Skillet Four-Cheese “Baked” Pasta — calls for a jar of marinara sauce. But why not use the sauce you’ve already made to give the dish a richer, more exciting flavor? You know as well as we do: Homemade is always better!


Day Two (dinner): Spicy lamb meatballs in tomato sauce burst with the aromatic flavors of  cumin, coriander, and mint. And fresh tomato sauce pulls everything together in a rich hearty stew. Of course you will ignore the direction to add a can of tomatoes, because you’ll have your own thick saud. (If the tomato sauce is too thick, though, add a little water to thin it out while the meatballs are cooking.)





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