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3 Gadgets to Satisfy Wacky Food Fetishes

wacky kitchen gadgetsCrave the marshmallows from Lucky Charms? Prefer, a la “Seinfeld’s” Elaine, just the tops of muffins? Eschew the chocolate bits of Oreos and go straight for the middles? There may be thousands of products in your average grocery store, but humankind, in our infinite finickiness, has developed countless quirky preferences when it comes to actually consuming those products.


This is serious business, folks. Food fetishes are not to be laughed off, ridiculed or ignored. Which is why we salute the entrepreneurs highlighted in a recent Wall Street Journal story for coming up with three truly ingenious ways for us to eat our brownies, bagels and cereal just the way we like it.






Exhibit A: Edge Brownie Pan

wacky kitchen gadgets


Like lovers of muffin tops, there are those who shun brownie middles for the crisp corner pieces, and, the newspaper reports, this maze-shaped gizmo from Baker’s Edge (selling for $34.95) makes every piece an edge piece.



Exhibit B: Bagel Scooper


wacky kitchen gadgets


This newfangled bagel scooper lets you get rid of the doughy parts of your morning bagel, leaving ample room to fill it with cream cheese and lox — or to save yourself a few calories and carbs. According to the Journal, the spoon-inspired scoop with serrated edges and two sizes of heads is set to hit stores this year, but the illustration on the inventors’ patent application looks intriguing.



Exhibit C: EatMeCrunchy bowl


wacky kitchen gadgetswacky kitchen gadgets


You know how cereal can get way too soggy way too quickly? This bowl has an internal shelf, so you just dunk your Cheerios in the milk on your own time frame, according to the Journal.


Now, excuse us, please. We’re trying to come up with a gadget to complete George Costanza’s dream of mass-producing pudding skin singles.



What’s weird, wacky or new in the world of food? Check out more food news!





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