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Three-Cheese Macaroni: Dinner for $10

cheap dinner recipesLong about August, when the heat is unbearable and we’re poking listlessly at yet another salad, we start to dream of eating our favorite chilly-weather foods again, and you know what’s at the top of the list? Macaroni and cheese.


We’re not talking about the boxed stuff and those little packets of powdery dry cheese. Nope. We’re talking homemade. A nice big casserole dish full of fresh-cooked noodles and lots of gooey melted cheese.


Why stop at one kind of cheese? Cheddar may be better, but nothing quite melts like American. Oh, what’s that? A secret little helping of mozzarella to boot. But what we really love about homemade is the crunchy topping (courtesy of crushed crackers here — how easy is that?)


We can’t think of a better dinner to cozy up with on a drizzly October night. And it warms our cheap little cost-conscious hearts even more to know that this Three-Cheese Macaroni yields 6 dinner-size servings at just $1.30 per serving.



Make this Three-Cheese Macaroni!




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