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That’s Italian! 10 Classic Recipes

If there was a global comfort food, it would probably be the cuisine of Italy. There’s something about classic Italian dishes that appeal to people, no matter what your background—the boldness of the flavors of Italy tend to combine in ways that are quintessentially satisfying and delicious.


After all, it’s hard to go wrong when you’re working with ingredients like fragrant garlic, ripe tomatoes, rich mozzarella cheese, and hearty pasta. What’s not to like?


We’ve got 10 Italian recipes that will thrill at the dinner table, from a classic meat lasagna, boasting layer after layer of flavorful meat, cheese, and sauce, to a clever little appetizer of breaded, fried cheese ravioli.


Want more? No problem. A pitch-perfect dish is chicken piccata—the bright, briny zing of capers plays off smooth white wine and tangy lemon to create an unforgettable meal. Or, if you’re in the mood to celebrate, throw caution to the wind and embrace our recipe for traditional fettuccini Alfredo: there’s a reason we all crave this Italian classic (well, three reasons, actually: butter, cream , and Parmesan cheese).


Baked Ziti with Italian SausageSay “buongiorno” to Italian cooking, from soup to cannoli, right here!













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  • Rob says:

    Hello I would just like to know if you know a good recipe for muscles can you please email me one thank you

    • K says:

      Lifting weights is one.

      • K says:

        Just joking.

        Mussels need to steamed, I think, and if they do not open toss them. Add fresh tomatoes and garlic, salt and pepper. Yummy.

    • K says:

      Just joking.
      Mussels need to be scrubbed and scrape off beard. Steam, the ones that do NOT open, throw them out. Add a sauce of fresh tomatoes, white wine, garlic, salt and pepper.

    • angelia says:

      clean them and throw out the opened ones.
      put in a pot and dump a jar of red sauce
      in. Cook them till they open and serve with
      pasta and italian bread – easy and delic

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