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Thanksgiving Recipes with a Twist

Yes, the turkey might get most of the attention, but let’s get real—it’s actually the amazing array of other Thanksgiving recipes at the table that make it a feast worth raving about. Can you imagine a plate without mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, or cranberry sauce? Even the most impressive turkey can’t hold down the fort alone. But while there’s always a place for old favorites, it can be fun to shake things up and present traditional dishes in a new way. While everyone loves the classics, adding new twists on classics can help keep the meal feeling fresh and modern.


Kick-start mashed potatoes with blue cheese and bacon. Trade in your corn pudding for a sweet corn soup. Switch out the green-bean casserole made with mushroom soup and bathe your green beans in a poppyseed vinaigrette. When you toss the rule book (and the predictability), Thanksgiving becomes a whole new adventure for you and your guests.



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