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Thanksgiving A to Z: Everything You Need for an A+ Feast

thanksgiving recipesWe’re a cooking website, so as you’d expect, Thanksgiving is a big time of year for us, given that the entire holiday revolves around one gigantic meal. And we’ve covered it all, whether you’re looking to serve a traditional feast or want to shake things up a bit; whether you can’t wait to spend a couple days in the kitchen cooking it all from scratch or you’re scrambling for a way just to get through the whole darn thing as quick and easy as you can.


What you may not want to do is spend hours searching for recipes, tips and inspiration. Here we’ve gathered an A–Z compilation of some of our best Thanksgiving articles all in one place, with links to everything from how to make the perfect mashed potatoes to delicious make-ahead Thanksgiving recipes that’ll keep you sane. Just click on the link after each letter to find round-ups of our best Thanksgiving recipes, helpful tricks and time-saving advice. Spend a little time with our primer here, and you’ll be fluent in all things Thanksgiving in no time.




is for appetizers (a very good place to start)




is for brine (one of the best ways to treat your bird)




is for cranberry sauce (which is crazy easy to make yourself)




is for dessert (delicious, delectable and decidedly different — why not do something other than pie this year?)




is for easy (as in easy-to-make dinners that won’t leave you stressed out before Thanksgiving even gets here)




is for fabulous (gravy, that is — here’s how to make it to perfection)




is for gone (which is what these potato casseroles will be, in a flash)




is for healthy (yes, you can fix healthy Thanksgiving side dishes that are pretty and delicious)




is for insanity (which you’ll be having none of when you watch our quick how-to videos on fixing the perfect bird)




is for Jell-O (when you want to get things jiggling)




is for kids (and a creative way to get ‘em to eat up those Thanksgiving leftovers)




is for lemon meringue pie (like the title says, a little slice of heaven)




is for mashed (potatoes, of course — made marvelously with these tips and tricks)




is for naughty, (decadent desserts to make a Puritan blush)




is for old-fashioned stuffing (the kind grandma used to make, except this recipe only takes 30 minutes)




is for pie! (You knew we’d get there eventually — we’ve got all the classics and a few new ones, too)




is for quiet (these recipes are perfect when you’re hosting a small, intimate Thanksgiving)




is for roast beef (wait … what’s that doing in here?)




is for side dishes (here’s your one-stop shop for great Thanksgiving sides)




is for turkey (what else! Look no further for recipes to roast a picture-perfect bird)




is for unique (shake things up with these unusual yet uncommonly delicious Thanksgiving sides)




is for vegetarian (with dishes like these, who needs a turkey?)




is for wine (we’ll have plenty on hand — and now we know just the right ones to get)




is for Xmas (let the countdown begin)




is for yes! (As in: “Yes, I’ll have another slice of sweet potato pie“)




is for zen (which is what you’ll be feeling when you check out our 8 Thanksgiving recipes to make ahead)




Still haven’t gotten your fill?

Explore all our Thanksgiving recipes!



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