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Dueling Thanksgiving Sides: Cranberry Relish vs. Cranberry Crostini

Cranberry RecipesYou gotta have homemade Cranberry Relish (click here for the recipe) on the holiday table again this year, right? That’s a given. Unless it’s not. What about updating that classic Thanksgiving side dish to something — oh, let’s say, more modern, a tiny bit Italian — like Cranberry Crostini (click here for the recipe)?


We admit, this is a hard choice to make, simply because our Amazing Cranberry Relish is, well, rather amazing, made with fresh cranberries, oranges, and — here comes the secret ingredient — Grand Marnier liqueur (or just-plain cranberry juice, if you prefer).


Okay, but our recipe for Double Cranberry Crostini is no less amazing — just different (as Aunt Ida is sure to mention). It starts with slices of French bread and layers them with pecans, cream cheese, and ginger — even ginger-chutney. (Click here for all kinds of great fruit chutney recipes!) And — get this! — turkey (or ham, since you might be having plenty of turkey already). What makes it “double” is still a mystery to us, however.


We bet Aunt Ida will like it, too. If not, just click here for 8 Thanksgiving Side Dishes Every Table Needs. And let Aunt Ida make them all!




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