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Thai Turkey Burgers: Dinner for $10

turkey burgers recipesWe love turkey burgers! That’s not to say we’re planning to swear off ground beef anytime soon, but there’s just something about the lighter, leaner (yet still satisfying) taste of turkey burgers that makes for a nice change of pace.


Where turkey burgers often get a bad rap is when you try to dress ‘em up like beef burgers. Instead, take advantage of ground turkey’s eminent versatility. These Thai Turkey Burgers do just that. Thai spice gives ‘em an exotic kick; top ‘em with sliced mango and peanut sauce, and you’ve taken your run-of-the-mill burger night to a whole other flavorful dimension. (Making ‘em as mini burgers adds a fun twist as well.) Better yet, these Thai Turkey Burgers yield 6 servings at just $1.41 per serving — a far better deal than your nearest drive-thru!






Make these Thai Turkey Burgers!




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