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Tailgating Recipes for Super Parties — Best of the Blogs

Tailgating is on our collective mind this month, but we’re not the only ones obsessing over spicy Buffalo chicken wings and big batches of pepper-hot chili. Food blogs across our football-crazy nation have been turning out a steady stream of great recipes — just the kind you want for your very own tailgating party.


What we love about these blog posts is how many original and creative, easy-does-it recipes we’ve turned up. They give us just the inspiration we need to try some unusual dishes, desserts, and snacks — maybe for platters of Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sliders and plates of Peanut-Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies — that will make all the football fans around the grill perk up and take notice.


We’ve collected all kinds of great recipes this month, like this gem for Potato Corn Chowder with Kale and Bacon (ooh, sounds kind of healthy), just to have an alternative to basic chili. But, hey, we’ve got that, too. (Click here for a vegetarian recipe for Super Bean chili). In fact, we’ve got everything you need to kick off your tailgating menu.


The Hunger Games? Not at our tailgating party, thanks to some help for our favorite blogs!




Let’s begin with a Buffalo Chicken … Dip! Yes, the blog Ingredients, Inc. has a recipe that has everything we love about wings — the chicken (shredded, in this case), blue cheese, celery, and hot sauce — all in one creamy bowl! How easy is that. Just don’t forget the tortilla chips. Double-dipping essential.


Ingredients, Inc.





Now let’s move on to a blog called Good (Cheap) Eats —and we like the sound of that — which has a nifty little recipe for Jalapeño Dip. In a post titled “OK, Football Fans — Time to Tailgate,” you’ll also find great recipes for Brats and Sauteed Peppers & Onions, Salasa Verde Chicken, and Loaded Potato Salad.


Good (Cheap) Eats





Here’s an amazing sandwich — Bacon Wrapped Turkey Hot Dogs — that Chick, the guy behind $10 Buck Dinners (we like that, too!), brought back from Mexico. He says they’re great; we’re going to take his word for it.


$10 Buck Dinners





Yeah, these Super Simple Pulled Roast Beef Sandwiches are easy indeed. But, oh, the taste. Thanks, Better Recipes, for this recipe, and also for including a “bonus” recipe for slaw, done nice and easy in a slow-cooker.


Better Recipes





Why not add another great slider recipe — this one for Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sliders — just to add some variety? The blog Eclectic Recipes must agree with us that you gotta have all kinds of sliders when tailgating.


Eclectic Recipes





Want wings? Sure, but why not try something different this season? These Kobe Kiwi Wings with Japanese Relish, from One Perfect Bite, not only use turkey instead of chicken but also have an Asian spicy flare unlike anything else we’ve tried. Despite the two-step (broiling and slow-cooking) process, they’re easy to make.


One Perfect Bite




This Potato Corn Chowder with Kale and Bacon, from Good Life Eats, has so many healthy ingredients. Plus bacon! Maybe you don’t even need the chili this year.


Good Life Eats




Chilean-Style Emapanas to add a little spicy flair to your tailgating party? These bite-size pockets, from T’s Tasty Bites, are easy to prepare in advance, and so easy to eat — a sandwich with the sides sewn up!


T’s Tasty Bites




To cap off your tailgating feast — hurry, the fans are rushing into the stadium — we can’t think of a nicer treat than Peanut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies from the blog Living Lindsay. Enough said. Now get into the stands!


Living Lindsay




Hungry for more tailgating recipes? Check out all these great chili recipes!






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