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Taco Chili: Dinner for $10

taco chiliTacos are good, but pardon us for saying, this slow-cooked Taco Chili is great. A couple things to note: First, while we love tacos for dinner, they can get, well, a bit messy — what with all the various fixings to serve. (While a seven-year-old wielding an overstuffed taco may make for a good YouTube video — all that filling squeezed out on the first bite — it can make for a tedious post-dinner cleanup.)


Second, slow cooking your ground beef, beans and hominy with the taco seasoning gives the flavors a chance to deepen and meld in a way that doesn’t typically happen with your usual taco prep. Just brown your meat, toss everything in your slow cooker, and a few hours later, you’ve got all that great taco flavor in one bowl. Top it with grated cheese, a little sour cream, and maybe some cilantro, then serve tortilla chips on the side. What does convenience like this cost you? Get ready for it … this Taco Chili yields 4–6 servings at less than $2.16 per serving!




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