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Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos Create 15,000 Jobs

taco bell doritos locos tacos

Taco Bell

The roll-out of Taco Bell’s newest Doritos-shelled taco may not have gone exactly as planned, but we doubt Taco Bell execs are sweating it. After all, they’re still basking in the glorious success of the original Doritos Locos taco. Just how successful has it been? As Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed tells the Daily Beast, the Doritos Locos taco was so successful last year, the company added 15,000 jobs to handle the growth.


Yeah, that’s right: 15,000 jobs.


It seems Americans just couldn’t get enough of those little reflective-orange tacos that practically glow in the dark. Taco Bell sold more than 375 million of the tacos in 2012 — more than a million a day. At, say, about $1.79 a taco, that’s more than $600 million, all just for wrapping some snack chips around a ground-beef filling. (Why didn’t we think of that!?)


As you might expect, the blockbuster success has given Taco Bell a jolt, kinda like downing a couple Mountain Dews before breakfast. Same-store sales at Taco Bell grew by a whopping 8 percent in 2012, outpacing KFC, Pizza Hut and, yes, even McDonald’s, according to the Daily Beast. And Creed says Taco Bell now plans to add 2,000 stores over the next decade.


Whether Taco Bell’s latest crazy taco, the Cool Ranch Doritos Locos, will be as big of a hit as the original remains to be seen. After a big social-media build up to launch day, when the company promised loyal fans that they could order the new tacos a day early, many were disappointed to show up and find no Cool Ranch tacos to be found.


Somehow we doubt those fans will stay mad for long.




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  • I purchased 2 regular tacos, and 2 combo burritos, plus a large soda at your store, in Avon park, Fl. 3 month ago. I have always ate at Taco Bell I even worked thier when I was very young. I was so angry when I left that last time I haven’t been back. I paid over 9.00 for that food and was cheated out of 2.00. I have no intentions of returning because, for less then 10.50 right next door at McDonalds you can get 4 double burgers with a piece of cheese, 3 small F.F., and 2 small drinks.. I did not get the nacho tacos because .89 is enough for a taco. The nacho one is double the price. Being on a low budget I like to eat out occasionally an fast food supply’s me that, but I’ll just get a frozen Mexican dinner before I’ll eat at Taco Bell again.

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