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Swiss Vegetable Casserole: Dinner for $10

budget dinner recipesOur advice: add the recipe for this Swiss Vegetable Casserole to your collection of handy go-to recipes.


Really, it’s a satisfying meatless dinner in and of itself, with a tossed salad and some good bread (or even biscuits) on the side. You can also make it even heartier by tossing in some leftover cooked chicken or cubed ham to the mix.


And, it’s versatile enough to serve as a good side dish for parties and potlucks off all stripes, a delicious answer to the question, “What can I bring?” Just 6 ingredients and 5 minutes of prep time. Even better, this Swiss Vegetable Casserole yields 4 (dinner-size) servings at just $1.93 per serving.




Make this Swiss Vegetable Casserole!



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