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Where to Find Surprise Savings: Supermarket Savvy


Here are two strategies that I’ve discovered to find amazing deals! Look for low prices on items in unexpected places, and seek out stores that may have low prices on certain things based on their target market.


What do I mean? Well, few people go to my supermarket to go toy shopping, and so the small, untraveled toy aisle doesn’t get a lot of traffic. In fact, the toys usually look like they’ve been there for months. But sometimes my store marks down the toys to crazy low prices, which is when I swoop in and stock up on gifts for all those birthday parties my kids get invited to. If I’m lucky enough to have coupons for any of these toys, the deal becomes amazing! Case in point: I recently noticed Hasbro games at my market were 50 percent off. I had coupons for $4 off any Hasbro games, so I ended up buying games for just four bucks apiece … and they’d originally been $16!


The second strategy is identifying specialty markets where the demand for otherwise pricey items might be high enough that the price actually drops. Example: mangos. Fresh mangos can be an expensive treat, but they’re a staple in both Latin and Asian cooking. That means that my local World Market stocks huge amounts of them and sells them for about half what they’d cost at my grocery store. I also go to my World Market to stock up on big bags of fragrant brown jasmine rice. The bags are fresh, and the cost is about a dollar per pound. My supermarket charges three times as much for this wonderful rice, and only sells it in little (sometimes dusty) boxes.


So, if you’re looking for good deals, it might just be worth it to think outside the dusty box!



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2 Responses to “Where to Find Surprise Savings: Supermarket Savvy”

  • stephanie says:

    What if you only have a Walmart to shop at…how do you save money when they don’t even post their specials until you walk into the store

    • Rachel Achmad says:

      Stephanie, do you really live somewhere that only has a Walmart for grocery options? If so, I am sorry that you have such limited choices. What I would recommend doing is looking into ordering some foods through mail orders. Companies like bulkfoods.com, amazon.com, and soap.com often have fantastic deals on dry goods and household supplies. Then you’d only have to go to Walmart for your perishables. Whenever possible, keep an eye out for farm stands as they will probably have better prices on fresh produce too. Good luck.

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