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There’s a New Way to Land Fresh Seafood: Supermarket Savvy

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A while back, I wrote about CSA farms as a cost-effective and philosophically pleasing way to get fresh, organically grown fruits and veggies. My CSA farm recently asked shareholders if anyone was interested in a fish share. Huh?


I’d never heard of a fish share, but I just returned from a Florida vacation where I ate phenomenal fish hours after it had been caught, so I was intrigued. I checked around a bit and found websites for fish shares all across the country’s coasts, including two fish shares in my state of Massachusetts. All shares seemed to have been created within the last few years and are similar in concept to farm shares. Shareholders pay a predetermined fee, and then are given an equal “share” of the fisherman’s catch.


All the shares I saw, including the one that was geographically feasible for me to participate in, had different options, with prices ranging from about $21–$38 per week for enough fish to feed a family of four. The base-level buy-in was usually all fin fish, sometimes delivered whole and sometimes as fillets; the higher price points also included scallops and sometimes even lobster.


The weekly amounts were generally between 2–3 pounds. At my grocery store, I pay anywhere from $8–$12 per pound for fish, so while this wouldn’t necessarily be a cheaper option for me, the prices would be comparable to what I already pay. The amazing benefit, though, is that I would be assured that what I’m getting was recently caught, perhaps even that morning. As I experienced in Florida, that’s a taste worth paying for.


If only I could be assured that my kids would eat all this fish, too, I’d be sold — but for now, I’ll sit this season out and watch to see how both fish shares and my kids evolve over the next year.




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