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Subway’s New Sriracha Sandwiches Are Hot, Hot, Hot

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In a fast-food first, Subway this week rolled out two new sandwiches that it hopes will be hot (for more than just their flavor): the Sriracha Chicken Melt and Sriracha Steak Melt.


Not so long ago, most Americans didn’t even know what sriracha was, let alone how to pronounce it. But the traditional Thai condiment, with its spicy blend of jalapenos, vinegar and plenty of garlic, has quickly become the new “it” ingredient of the moment, popping up on high-end restaurant menus across the country and inspiring a devoted, cult-like following.


While nationwide eateries like P.F. Chang’s have already begun to capitalize on the trend, Subway is the first fast-food chain to feature sriracha on its menu. But the fast-food industry isn’t the only one to be slow in appreciating sriracha’s bewitching power. David Tran, whose Huy Fong Foods in Southern California makes much of the sriracha sold in the U.S., also underestimated its potential.


“I had no idea Americans would ever even eat spicy food,” Tran told Bloomberg Businessweek earlier this year. To be sure, it took awhile to catch on. Tran emigrated to America from Vietnam in 1979 and soon began bottling his recipe for sriracha. But for years, he sold it primarily to grocery stores and restaurants that catered to Asian immigrants.


Three years ago, surging demand led Tran to build a $40-million factory in Irwindale, a suburb of Los Angeles, so he could triple production. (The factory’s neighbors aren’t necessarily too happy with the smell.)


In the lobby, according to Bloomberg Businessweek, there’s an enlarged photo that serves as testament to sriracha’s potential for global domination — and beyond: a pair of astronauts in the International Space Station, with the distinctive green cap of one of Huy Fong’s sriracha bottles floating nearby.



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