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Valentine’s Day Love Potions: Strawberry Desserts

Chocolate-Dipped StrawberriesMaybe it’s because their ruby-red color evokes the emotion of love, and they have a delicate heartlike shape, or maybe it’s their intoxicatingly sweet flavor—whatever the reason, strawberries and Valentine’s Day are inexorably linked. Lucky for us! There are so many things to do with these amazing berries, some of them easy, some a little more advanced.


Plan your strawberry dessert around how much time you have for preparation. If you need something relatively simple, opt to use strawberries atop an easy swirl cheesecake or piling them on homemade buttermilk shortcake with whipped cream. Have a sophisticated dinner on tap? Challenge yourself by making a strawberry compote parfait with lemon granita—your date will never forget it.


Or you could turn to a classic Valentine’s Day tradition: chocolate-dipped strawberries. There’s something about a perfectly ripe berry paired with rich, dark chocolate that enhances both flavors; every bite is like a funhouse-mirror of deliciousness ricocheting around your tongue. Better yet, this sweet treat takes next to no time to prepare; so you can get out of the kitchen and into the arms of your sweetie.


Double-Dipped Strawberries (pictured above): First, plump strawberries are dipped in a thick coat of semisweet chocolate, then, for good measure, drizzled with sweet white chocolate.



Strawberry ShortcakeStrawberry Shortcake: Baking your own tender buttermilk shortcake makes this version of the strawberry classic special. The recipe gives you a shortcut with whipped topping, but go all out and whip your own cream.













Strawberry Cheesecake TartletsStrawberry Cheesecake Tartlets: Your special someone will rave about these pretty little almond tartlets filled with rich, creamy cheesecake and blanketed with strawberry preserves.













Strawberry Yogurt SandwichesStrawberry Sandwiches: These frozen-yogurt treats are the perfect choice for a family dessert. Although they look decadent, they’re fairly healthy— and very easy to assemble.









Strawberry Compote ParfaitStrawberry Compote Parfait with Lemon Granita: If you’re aiming to impress, look no further than this carefully composed parfait. There are multiple steps involved, but your loved ones will tell you that the result is worth every minute spent.









Strawberry Swirl CheesecakeEasy Swirl Cheesecake: Looking for a “wow-factor” dessert that’s actually easy to make? This delicious strawberry cheesecake, with it’s artful swirls, fits the bill beautifully.











Strawberry Fields forever! Try these strawberry desserts!


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