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White Bean Stew & Greens: 30-Minute Meal

White Bean Stew & Greens: 30-Minute MealWe’d like to say this White Bean Stew & Greens recipe is a vegetarian’s delight. And that’s almost true. Sort of. Kind of. But, no, we really can’t say that because the dish includes four slices of bacon.


What we can say, however, is that the dish is a hearty stew that’s sure to satisfy the whole family without you having to make anything extra. (Or maybe just slice a baguette for dipping.) And White Bean Stew & Greens is super fast, clocking in a just 30 minutes.


You don’t need a side salad, because the dish is filled with kale, one of the healthiest greens anywhere (especially for Vitamin K, which is thought to be a cancer-fighting agent). Kale, which is tough by nature, can be difficult to cook, but not in this recipe. You don’t need protein, either, because the beans provide plenty of that. And if you’re a vegetarian, well, maybe you don’t need the bacon.


But we love the bacon, the ultimate comfort ingredient, which happens to go so nicely with all of the other great things in this dish. No doubt about it, White Bean Stew & Greens is the perfect stick-to-the-ribs winter warmer on a busy weekday. So tasty, so quick and easy. You might still be making it next spring.




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