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Steak and Blue Cheese Wrap: Leftover Logic

Steak and Blue Cheese Wrap RecipesYou go to the trouble to grill extra steaks so that everybody has plenty to eat, and then three guests don’t show up and two more have just become surprise vegetarians. Well, the meat won’t go to waste, that’s for sure, because nothing tastes better than leftover steak, even right out of the refrigerator and brought back to flavorful life by a little sprinkling of salt.


Any cut will work for this steak and blue cheese wrap recipe, but we have chosen flank, which lends itself easily to a pairing with the other prime ingredients: a tangy blue cheese whose bold flavor is bold enough for the meat itself; roasted red peppers to sweeten the deal;  and either baby spinach leaves or romaine lettuce to add crunch and also to absorb the other strong tastes. It’s that simply. Just wrap it all up, and your sandwich is ready to go.


Since there’s no cooking involved (well, except the first time), you get a break. These steak and blue cheese wraps will have the crowd howling for more. And they’re so easy—if you have the leftover steak in the first place.




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