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Spectacular (& Healthy) Spinach: Cook Once, Eat Twice

Spinach Recipes: Cook Once, Eat TwiceCooking spinach isn’t a hassle; washing it is the problem. Yes, you can use pre-washed baby spinach instead, but I prefer regular fresh spinach, which has more flavor and texture. It’s less expensive, too. I triple wash a big batch — to make sure all the grit is gone — and end up with enough for two recipes, so it’s all worth it.


Now, let’s get the hard part out of the way. Here’s the best method for washing any kind of leafy greens:


Fill a large bowl or the sink with cold water and submerge the leaves. Swish them around with your hands and let the dirt sink to the bottom. Remove the leaves and repeat the process two or three times. For many spinach recipes, you don’t even need to dry the leaves, because the moisture helps to cook the greens


Day One (Dinner):  My Greek inspired spinach pie is a great recipe when you want to  prep a dish in advance for a party, of if you have some spare time during the day. Once it’s done, all you do is pop it in the oven later, and that makes it ideal for a busy weeknight!


Day Two (Dinner): Here’s a twist on one of my favorite Indian dishes, Sag Paneer, which uses tofu instead of cheese. Serve this wonderful dish with plain basmati rice and savor the rich flavors of cumin, curry and ginger.





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