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Southern-Style Veggie Sliders: Dinner for $10

cheap dinner recipesWe’re not planning on going vegetarian anytime soon, but we get it, what with all the health concerns about eating meat (especially red meat) that seem to crop up regularly in the news. So we’re all for Meatless Mondays (or, really, whatever day of the week we feel like forgoing meat). But we’ll admit it can be a challenge to find filling vegetarian recipes that don’t feel like they take hours to prepare.


That’s why we’re big fans of these Southern-Style Veggie Sliders. Not only do they take just about half an hour to cook, they’re made from protein-packed black-eyed peas. Deliciously spiced with red sweet pepper and green onions, then topped with a kickin’ combo of mayo and Cajun spice—they really make for one of those meatless dinners where you actually don’t miss the meat! Oh, and lest we forget, these Southern-Style Veggie Sliders yield 6 servings at just 93¢ per serving (yeah, less than a buck).




Make these Southern-Style Veggie Sliders!





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