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8 Hearty Winter Soup Recipes: Best of the Blogs

winter soups: best of the blogs

Hearty winter soup might be what’s getting us through right now. (Fortunately, we found a few recipes that use up all that leftover Thanksgiving turkey — if there is any left, that is.) And why not? We’re tired of cooking, cooking, cooking — and soon, we’ll be doing it again for all those Christmas parties that are just around the corner.


In the meantime, these recipes, from some of our favorite blogs, reprise recipes that are hearty and nutritious, full of healthy vegetables, like super-nutritious kale, tender beans, and even favorite pasta shapes in the case of vegetable-laden Italian minestrone. It just seems like these bloggers are reading our minds: Give us something that’s not too hard to make and let us serve it with a loaf of bread and call it dinner.


And maybe what we like best about hearty winter soup is that you can freeze it for another day. And that day might be coming sooner than you think, like in about a month, when you’ve finished making all the dips and appetizers and New Year’s spreads and are seriously ready to settle down for a long winter’s meal.




Hearty Winter Soup with Turkey, Kale, and White Beans

8 hearty winter soups

There’s no way you could go wrong with something called Hearty Winter Soup with Turkey, Kale, and White Beans. I mean, here’s a way to “dump” all the leftover turkey. And we all know about the amazing nutritional value of kale, packed with Vitamin K. Simple Craves & Olive Oil nails it with this great winter dish.




Portuguese Kale Soup

8 hearty winter soups

Kale again, in this scrumptious Portuguese Kale Soup recipe from Nap Time Is My Time (love that name!). Ham hock and linguica sausage are what make it Portuguese. White potatoes just make it more delicious.




Hearty Winter Soup

8 hearty soup recipes

Here’s another Hearty Winter Soup recipe, this time from Life Undeveloped, that substitutes Italian sausage for the Portuguese variety.





8 hearty winter soups

Speaking of Italian … here’s a great Minestrone recipe, from Spoonful, that looks like the kind of tomato soup we all used to come home for lunch to eat. Do kids still do that?




Hearty Winter Soup

8 hearty winter soups

Milk & Honey brings us another Hearty Winter Soup recipe, this one made with quinoa, the healthy South American grain, vegetables, tomatoes, and a lavish sprinkling of Parmesan. Some hot peppers, too.




Egg Korma

8 hearty winter soups

And now for something completely different but no less soul-satisfying: an Egg Korma recipe filled with curry and other Indian spices. Don’t be afraid to make this dish — a soupy and more substantial version of picnic deviled eggs — because Journey Kitchen provides easy, step-by-step illustrated directions.




Hearty Winter Soup and Brown Bread

8 hearty winter soups

This very pretty Hearty Winter Soup and Brown Bread is indeed a two-for-one recipe (from Helen James Design): The soup is heavy with lentils, while the brown bread is the perfect match — as hale and hearty as the soup itself. Think of the dipping possibilities! The bread is something you’ll want to make for all kinds of other dishes, too, especially soups and stews.




Hearty Winter Soup

8 hearty winter soups

Let’s round things up with one final Hearty Winter Soup recipe, this one from Katie’s Pie Plate, brimming with ham and — you guessed it! — kale.




Take a look at all of these hearty & healthy winter soups and stews recipes!




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