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Easy New Year’s Resolutions: Savor Some Soup!

healthy foodDid you know that a cup of soup a day keeps the pounds away?


No, we’re not talking about the cabbage-soup diet fad, or the chicken-soup-for-the-soul craze. This is about having a cup of good old vegetable soup or other broth-based soup before a meal. It fills you up, it gives you a serving of vegetables, it’s low-cal, and it’s a tried-and-true technique touted by diet gurus from Weight Watchers to authors Fiona Kirk and Jean Barr in their new book, Soup Can Make You Thin. Plus, it’s a warm and soothing way to start a meal. It doesn’t have to be chicken soup to be good for the soul!




New Year’s resolutions you can keep! Every day in January, we’re bringing you healthy (often surprising) tips that are easy to incorporate into your regular diet.


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New year, new you!

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