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Forecast: Fun! 10 Great Snow-Day Activities for Kids

snow day kidsWe all have our fantasies of the perfect snow day, that impromptu holiday that starts with the first glimpse in the morning of those beautiful untouched drifts in the yard and a whole world transformed to white. If you’re lucky, you might get a few minutes to savor the quiet beauty before the little ones start bouncing out of bed — let the shrieks and giggles begin.


Ah, but woe betide the unprepared! It doesn’t take long for those shrieks of delight to turn to plain old garden-variety shrieks of the not-so-delightful type. Zippers get stuck, sleds go careering off course. Your six-year-old lets loose a snowball that smacks your toddler in the face. Howling ensues.


That’s why it’s great to have some snow-day tricks up your sleeve. Courtesy of some of our favorite food and mom blogs, we’ve pulled together some choice snow day activities, to keep cabin fever from setting in and everyone in a good mood.


Because really, you don’t want the best part of your snow day to be over before the kids even get out of bed.






Snow Ice Cream

snow day kids

Back to the Cutting Board


The kids will get a real kick when you host your own snow-day ice cream party with ice cream made straight from fresh snow — yep, in 10 minutes, no ice cream maker required. If you don’t have heavy cream on hand, milk will work in a pinch. And if you get super ambitious, Back to the Cutting Board has an accompanying apple crisp recipe to die for.




Maple Syrup Taffy

snow days kids

The Kitchn


Another sweet snow-day treat, this easy maple syrup taffy from The Kitchn, inspired by Little House in the Big Woods, cools quick on a bed of snow. Pull it apart and enjoy before the snow melts!




Snow Muffins

kids snow day activities

A Little Bit Crunchy


Snow adds a little extra something to these easy muffins, flavored with raisins or dried cranberries along with optional lemon zest and pecans. “I can’t explain what, scientifically, the snow does to these muffins,” writes A Little Bit Crunchy. “But they form beautiful peaks and are incredibly moist.”




Crispy Cereal Cutouts

kids snow day activities

When your little ones are too tired and cold to make any more snowmen outside, bring them into the kitchen to make these easy snowmen Rice Krispies Treats. They’ll have a blast decorating them — no mittens required.




Hot Chocolate Spoons

kids snow day activities

Alpha Mom


Now, it wouldn’t be a snow day without a steaming mug of hot cocoa, would it? Even more fun — these hot chocolate spoons from Alpha Mom. Everyone can make their favorite flavor, then enjoy watching it all melt into one yummy swirl.




Marshmallow Snowmen

kids snow day activities

The Seasoned Mom


We also love these adorable marshmallow snowmen from The Seasoned Mom. If marshmallows in your hot chocolate are a must, then get a little crafty with them!




DIY Bird Seed Feeders

kids snow day activities

We Know Stuff


Your kindhearted (and adorably sweet) four year old may wonder why you can’t invite the hungry birdies inside to warm up and share your snow-day goodies. Without explaining what that would mean for your couches and your kitchen floor, work together to make these kid-friendly DIY bird feeders from We Know Stuff instead, then hang them outside the kitchen window.




Snow Paint

kids snow day activities

One Little Project


As pretty as newly fallen snow is, it’s hard to resist not doing something to it — it’s like a … wait a minute: it’s like a big blank canvas you can walk across! One Little Project‘s genius idea was to stock up on some of those cheap squeeze bottles, then fill them with water and food coloring for super easy snow paint that’ll turn your kids into wintertime Picassos.




Shivery Snow Paint

kids snow day activities

Growing a Jeweled Rose


Now we’re back inside. See, that’s how your typical snow day goes — just as soon as you get your last kid all bundled up, the ones who were out the door first are too cold and ready to come back in. Well, while you’re whipping up some hot chocolate (or that aforementioned apple crisp, which we’re still thinking about), plunk them down at the kitchen table with this easy-to-make “snow” paint courtesy of Growing a Jeweled Rose. Shimmery, cool and sparkly, it makes for some great snow-day fridge art.




Melting Artwork

kids snow day activities

Housing a Forest


Or you can bring the outdoors inside with another cool (yep, pun intended) art project: melting art! Set watercolor art paper atop cooling racks and art trays, then pile on the snow, per Housing a Forest. Kid’s paint the snow with a simple food-coloring-and-water mix, then as the snow melts, the colors blend on the paper into a kind of stained-glass effect.



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