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Sneaky Kids Dinner: Where’s Waldo Pasta

Waldo and his sneaky hiding places just got a little bit more tasty! Have you spent hours pouring over those Where’s Waldo books to find the skinny adventurer in the red-and-white striped sweater? I know I have! My kids love the books, too. There’s some sort of Waldo craze going on right now (at least in my house), and I’m jumping on board with this fun and simple pasta — where Waldo just happens to be hiding!


What You’ll Need:
pasta with red sauce
1 slice of white cheese, such as mozzarella or provolone


To Make Where’s Waldo Pasta:
Dish up your favorite pasta with red sauce. Cut hat and sweater shapes out of the slice of cheese. Cut strips of cheese to fit in the hat and shirt to create stripes. Serve warm and enjoy!






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