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Shamrock Smoothie, 3 Ways

Shamrock Fruit Smoothies

Oh, how I love a good theme! And if St. Patrick’s Day motivates me to eat more green things, then even better! I’m planning to celebrate, in part, with a green Shamrock smoothie: a festive and delicious combination of kiwi, grapes, bananas, and yogurt. It’s creamy, sweet, just barely tart, and adorably garnished with a shamrock kiwi.

How to Make a Kiwi Shamrock Smoothie


Flavor aside, what makes this recipe special is freezing the fruit ahead of time. For me, smoothies tend to be a last minute idea; I just throw fruit into the blender, maybe add some ice, blend, and go. I’m a convert, though. This green smoothie is unbelievably creamy and boasts the most pleasant mouth feel, and I think the pleasing texture is owed to using frozen fruit.

Kiwi Shamrocks

A few other notes about the recipe before I move on to two equally delicious variations:

  • I’ve tried it with and without the honey. It’s sweet enough for me for breakfast or a snack without the added sweetener, but I would include it if I was enjoying this as a dessert or special treat.
  • The recipe calls for vanilla or key lime yogurt, but I used plain yogurt and didn’t miss the added sugar or flavors. I would like to try this with a squeeze of lime, though.
  • I couldn’t resist adding a drop of green food coloring, but the smoothie has a nice light green color without it. Also, see the spinach version below as a natural way to a deeper green hue.
  • I didn’t try the version with rum, but it sounds really good so that’s on my to-do list!

Spinach Kiwi Shamrock Smoothie

For my first variation, I added two large handfuls fresh spinach. The flavor is essentially identical and the natural green pop is a great way to celebrate the holiday. The only difference is it’s a little thinner, probably because of the added water from the spinach. I recommend adding this mild-tasting vegetable to make it a true “green” drink.

Grape Avocado Shamrock Smoothie

My next adaptation is dairy-free, swapping the yogurt for an avocado. This preserves all the creaminess, while the healthy fats help keep the smoothie satiating. The avocado flavor is definitely there, but it doesn’t distract from the bright and sweet flavors of the kiwi and green grapes.

Shamrock Smoothies

This combination of fruit is now one of my favorites, making this recipe not just for St. Patrick’s Day but for any day!

Get the recipe for the Shamrock Smoothie here.

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